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Hello everyone, so glad you have dropped by. We have created The Woman’s Post for all women and men if they choose, to visit, communicate with us, and share how you balance your life. We hope you will join us and find the time to share your knowledge, your strength, and your passions.

The Woman’s Post was created to encourage women to shine with their power and presence in this world that is complicated and diverse. We hope for the men to read here how women feel and need their presence and understanding. We endeavor to encourage all women and men to see the importance of empowerment in their life, while talking about subjects which are important to all people across the globe.

Most of the people I know these days are concerned about their children, their family, their home, their finances, their career, and how to bring it all together with success and balance.

We hope to explore subjects that interest women the most and those which encourage one to become more empowered and fulfilled.

We want you to tell us what you enjoy the most, and give us recommendations and suggestions.

Come and join our site to discuss the issues of life, and give us your insights and your expertise. We are interested in you and how you deal with the categories mentioned here on The Woman’s Post.

We hope that you make this blog your home away from home.  It is a place to learn, express, teach, praise, laugh, cry, believe, study, pray, find new solutions to life things, and making new friends.  Hey, we never stop learning new tricks!!!

Who Are We:

First, we believe in the Lord, Jesus Christ and prayer.

Secondly, we love to follow people who are making a difference in women’s lives as well as the entire human race, giving them worth, value and power. It is always empowering when we find someone who has the ability to achieve in whatever circumstances they find themselves in.  We hope to make this blog all about empowering women and men in all aspects of their life.

We consider our life “real.”  Yes, we have all experienced, set-back, triumphs, laughing times, crying times, and real life issues. However, we have a firm belief that all things are possible if we work hard enough, long enough and keep faith alive.

Oprah proved that growing up in the South doesn’t make you less than, nor more than, it probably makes one more humble.  Of course, we all know that the ability to excel is not determined by any geographic location, it is determined by the power within us, and that is nothing to laugh about.

We do have tons of experience (learned the hard way) in a lot of  “Life Things,”  from living life to the fullest and learning from my mistakes.We are an advocate for all things “possible.”   It is never too late to change course, it may take a little more effort, desire, determination, and just plain old guts, but you can succeed if you work hard enough.

Hopefully our discussions about Positive Lifestyle Approaches to Living With Balance, will give you something to think about while you are enjoying the stroll around;  The Woman’s Post.  Let’s have some fun! Let’s discuss some real “Life Things.”

Regards, and let’s live with balance.