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Many women do not have to worry about needing tips for saving money and eliminating waste, and they have someone to share expenses with. That is a good thing, but some do not have that privilege, and need to watch their pennies. We thought giving you some ideas to help […]

Tips For Saving Money And Eliminating Waste

You know how important a good breakfast is for children. However, sometimes you simply do not have time to prepare a balanced meal. Here are some quick and easy breakfast ideas for kids to help them have a great start to their day. One of the easiest breakfasts you can […]

Quick And Easy Breakfast Ideas For Kids

It is very easy to get all stressed after a long days work and come home to the little guys who want the attention of their parent. Then of course it is embarrassing when they decide to steal the show with their little egos in publish without a moments notice. It […]

Toddler Temper Tantrums And Tips To Conquer

Sometimes it feels as if your child will be a sweet cuddly infant but before you know it they are toddling around and doing things you’d rather them not do. There comes a time in every Mother’s life when her baby goes from a sweet little cooing baby to an […]

Toddlers – Saying No Positively

Why is teaching kids about money important? Finance, budgeting, and saving money are three of the most important perceptions for Teaching Kids About Money.  It is sometimes overlooked until they are grown.  In the meantime, they have been given whatever their little heart’s desire. Will they be able to discipline […]

Teaching Kids About Money