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Most personal finance and debt management issues start to unfold when you have too much credit, versus income. With that said, our debt management process should be intact prior to getting overloaded with personal debts. Debt has a way of creeping up on us if we let it. It’s important […]

Personal Finance -Debt Management

Many women do not have to worry about needing tips for saving money and eliminating waste, and they have someone to share expenses with. That is a good thing, but some do not have that privilege, and need to watch their pennies. We thought giving you some ideas to help […]

Tips For Saving Money And Eliminating Waste

Creating your own wealth is something that eludes countless millions of people. The reason is they are missing the main elements that make it possible. Many are spending most of their time chasing that ever-elusive get-rich-quick scheme so they can bypass the real way of creating wealth. To create wealth […]

How To Create Your Own Wealth

This post is for those who haven’t experienced buying their first home, but also may be of use and additional help for those old timers. Buying a home is only one important step, but is one of great importance.  Getting it right is crucial. Mortgage Loan Facts: Buying a Home […]

Buying a Home