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Plus SizeHas anyone told you lately that you are beautiful?  Well, if not….here it is….You are beautiful with your curvy figure and as we all know…men love curvy.

Of course this blog is not loaded with things about what men like; we concentrate more on what we women like.  We like for our fashions to be trendy, fit well and complement our figure, in all plus size clothing trends also.  The reason I know this is that I am not far from being a little too curvy.  I can’t wear the slim clothing I used to wear; so I must pick out clothing that is a little plus size also.  It depends upon how it is made; nothing with a straight skirt any longer….boo for me…LOL

With that said; at my age I have not worried too much about this, but I do not want to have ill health so I wish not to become any curvier than I am already.  Shall we LOL? That said though, I wanted to share with you some plus size clothing that will surprise you with modern style and trends.

Let me give you an example of a woman that was gorgeous in my book, or rather let me tell you how she dressed to make the best of her curves, and her very plus size clothing.  She loved clothes, shoes, and colors.  When she went out somewhere, she looked her very best…always.  She wore dresses that did not show her overly pudgy areas…like in the midriff (I have that, but I am working to eliminate it)….she wore jackets with some of her dresses and she wore tops that always went over her buttocks.  Yes, she was a beauty and always smelled like a princess.

This woman was wonderful as most mothers are.  Yes, I am a little partial to this lady as she was my mother, and the least of our problems were that we shopped for plus size clothing.  In fact she ordered her favorite pieces without having to leave the house.  But, it is true; she always dressed with dignity, and always looked neat and as if she stepped out of a box.  When she was older, she began wearing matching tops and slacks to give a more flawless look.  She knew how to minimize her weak points (if there were any), and flaunt her stuff, plus size and all.  Mainly she was so pretty on the inside.

Sometimes curvy clothes or plus size clothing; that fit well are hard to find and then they sometimes cost us a bundle. In our shop you can find any style you might want with the price you need.  Normally what we think about is having something to wear in case of emergency for those outing which we do not always expect; like that little black dress or pants suit.

Our closet is sometimes filled with old things that need to be thrown away and put some new pieces in there that will brighten up our space.  Shopping is one of our favorite things to do when there are funds to do it with.  So, if your space needs some upgrade; now is the time to find something to make your curvy figure look better than it ever has.

Here is to Curvy and Gorgeous… size clothing for you.

Well, we hope you have a great time checking out the right dresses for your curves and those skinny jeans.


Linda Todd

P. S. Please do not forget to tell us what you like….

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