Motivation pppp Do not let the number 13 make you think of being unlucky, just take this as a way to move forward to a better controlled lifestyle with discipline and focus. Your question might be is it possible to stay motivated for a lifetime?  My answer would be, it will take a little work and some plans.

It is often hard to keep motivated 365 days a year and especially when we have experienced a hard knockdown. It can make getting up in the morning a hard task. It would be easy to pull the cover up over our head and go back to sleep. The question often asked is; what makes it easy for some people to jump out of bed like it is the best day of their life every day?

Staying motivated for a life time is just like most things in life that required focus and a mindset. Our thought process controls our experiences. Within our mind, we have more capabilities than we will ever use according to Dr. Peter Shepard in his book, “Transforming the Mind.” Understanding the possibilities of the mind, will help you to then understand how we influence the way we feel by our thoughts.

Here are some helpful tips and known processes that can keep you focused and motivated when it is not easy:Motivation 4

  1. Always be thankful – If you stop to think about your life, more than likely you have tons of reasons to offer up thanksgiving. This alone will help make it easier to jump to the floor any morning.
  2. Focusing on the great things in your life that have made you prevail over your opposition will help define who you are. We all have to deal with the hard stuff and it cannot take you down. What takes you down is the dwelling on it.
  3. Forgiveness is like a dose of medicine. With every unfavorable deed someone inflicts upon us, we learn more about trust. We learn in the mix of words, when to keep our mouth shut, and that even our friends sometimes lose their way. We are all human, and humans err.
  4. Love what you do. When you love your job, your self-employment, or your profession, you will be more efficient, and find new processes to clear the dust.
  5. Fear is blinding. You cannot live in fear of what tomorrow holds. Focusing on today’s events will keep your motivation at a higher level.
  6. Accept the challenges in life. This is how we grow, become more resilient, and stronger.
  7. Know who you are. This one is on the list of being ‘emotionally intelligent.’ If you are lacking a quality that you need to be a better person, get help with Life Coaching, if you cannot do it yourself. However, the key is being honest with yourself and recognizing your faults.
  8. Be the person you want other people to see. If you are a fraud, it will eventually show up, come out, and become reflected in what you do.
  9. See the good in others while examining who you are. Give credit to any person who deserves it.
  10. You have heard all of your life that keeping a positive mindset is what makes life easier. If you do not believe it by now, you are missing one of the most important aspects of living a more positive lifestyle. Thinking negatively can make you sick. It can make you think that everyone around you is having fun and you are not. A pessimist sees the bad, questions the good and even the known benefits or attributions of something that works well.

A positive thinker is one who believes that they have a life to live and it is up to them to explore all the possibilities. They reach out for the good; examine the bad, but move on with an attitude of “I can.”

  1. Do not let the sun go down upon your wrath. If you have done it wrong, own it and     apologize, do it over if possible, but keep moving in a more positive direction.
  2. Never say never. We have all heard the cliches about the aforementioned. If you harp on something or someone and his or her behaviors, you will wind up doing exactly what you have denied. If you do not catch yourself and correct your ways, it will go down in history, your history.
  3. Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. Always, and is very similar to number 12. What goes around will definitely come around. Most people agree with this well-known cliché.

To motivate others, we must first be motivated ourselves. This is part of leadership and a known positive approach to getting hired for that role we so desire.


“If you do not desire to be more, have more, help more, live more; you won’t. Begin each day believing that you were put on this earth to accomplish important and great things, and those things can only be done by you.” Linda Todd

“To earn respect, one must be respectful of others. To earn loyalty, one must be loyal to others. To earn appreciation, one must appreciate. To be highly thought of, one must earn the right be highly thought but remembering, that no one has a “right” to be highly thought of.” Linda Todd

Take a deep breath and remember in the end it is up to you only!!! No, there are no promises for staying motivated for a lifetime, but if you continue to use these suggestions, they will make it much easier.

Have a great year!



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