25 Things That Destroy Happiness

There is probably not a human on earth that does not desire more happiness within their life. However, most of us have habits that would kill an elephant; so how can we not kill our happiness if we do not learn to control our thoughts and emotions. In these 25 Things That Destroy Happiness, try to go them and make the necessary changes so that your happiness glows even in the dark times.

  1. Self-talk that is negative, which produces self-doubt
  2. Looking in the past, and looking in the future
  3. Harboring past hurts, instead of letting them go
  4. Dwelling on the why’s of life
  5. Trying to figure everything out
  6. Not being able to take responsibility
  7. Blaming other people
  8. No self control with bouts of anger
  9. Wanting everything  you desire today
  10. Not giving yourself credit for what you have accomplished
  11. A mindset that you do not deserve happiness
  12. Letting your dreams lie dormant
  13. Comparing yourself to other people
  14.  Accepting that you, and all humans make mistakes they regret
  15. Putting everyone else above yourself
  16. The habit of pity
  17. The habit of control
  18. The lack of perseverance
  19. Losing your temper to small things
  20. Not taking the time to be grateful for all things
  21. Not realizing that “only” you are in control of your life’s work
  22. Thoughts of rejection and fear
  23. Letting other people dominate your life
  24. Not seeing your own strength and the power within, and
  25. Giving up on happiness

These are only a minute few of the reasons that we all experience less happiness within our life. Moms, dads and even single individuals have times of thinking wrong thoughts. Thoughts that debilitate our happiness, and living with a peaceful joy. Negative thoughts and actions take a tole on any human life if they are persistent.

I could tell you all day long that you deserve happiness, and it is up to you to change what is not making you happy. However, no one can take the steps to correct your situation, but you. If it is more than your thoughts and actions; only you know that, and only you can make the necessary changes to take care of yourself, and your happiness.

Living this decade with the many responsibilities of life, it is hard to make the best of everything as we sometimes must do. Some people have situations they have no control over, and yes it can make one resentful. That realized, take a deep breath, and as the cliche´states think, “this too shall pass.” Remember that it will, with time. Be determined that you will find your happiness that is inside you, regardless of your circumstances. One writer states that “happiness can live in any soil.”

You deserve happiness, you deserve the good things in life, and you deserve to feel good about your life. Let yourself dwell on the most important aspects of your life, be thankful for those things. Large and small, simple, and magnificent. Accept that there is a power within you that will bring you nearer to your goals of feeling the happiness you deserve.

Be happy!

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