8 Essential Elements of Super Successful People

If you are like me, you may not have a desire to be a billionaire, my goals are modest to say the least. Therefore, there is not a need to waste our time setting our sites too high. It is okay if your quest for greatness includes being very rich. However, success is not always measured by dollars and cents, and realistic goals are far better for our stress levels.

If you are reading this, then you probably have thought about how super successful people “think.” The characteristics that helped them to accomplish their goals, and their stance on life. When we examine all of the great assets of a super successful people, we know there are certain elements that bring about their success. We find that it does not matter what their long-term goals are. Their mind is set on the present, the day they are in, one project, one dream, and how they are going to accomplish it.

Some unique elements make a person successful beyond money. The wealth is a blessing, however, to enjoy ones success it must be obtained within certain parameters. To compliment the gained respect, honor, or power with wealth one must be at peace with how they acquired it.  One must feel good about their success strategy.

The first word is not lumped with the list, because it is so much the most profound and needed skill for being successful in any area of life. That word is:

Authentic: Real, with yourself and others. Never afraid to be yourself when you are real. Credible, trustworthy, valid, and without pretense. Genuine, the real deal.

  1. Integrity – includes several definitions of character, and is always essential in all lifestyles. However, in business and being influential it becomes greater than some other attributes. This word includes not only being honest, honorable and moral, it includes being fully whole as a person, having unity and togetherness, within self.

If a person is not honest, they lose respect, if they are not honorable (saying what they mean, and mean what they say), they become depreciated by their own actions. While striving for excellence, one must have a strong sense of self-worth and be able to share it with others.

2. Determination/Perseverance – Simply put; if you give up easily, and have insufficient determination to keep going at all odds, think before you start.  Most pursuits in life take a lot of determination (guts, if you will). Not much in life is as easy as it looks. Success does not always come with the first pursuit. It might take years to accomplish the results, however, it may not…but determination is a required element.

3. Vision – In Proverbs, the Bible states: “where there is no vision, the people perish.” You may not be a reader of the Word. However, you must be able to see in the mind’s eye the equivalent ending for the required work. You must have a vision of what you are trying to accomplish, one moment, one day, one-step, and one project at a time.

4. Passion – We know, and it is proven that all of us can accomplish more if we have a passion for what we are working on. Passion being an emotion; is the feeling of absolutely loving what we do, while doing it. You do not grow tired or weary of the process, in fact you cherish it. It excites, and gives you that exuberant feeling, and strengthens your ability to grow.

5. Discipline – If you do not use self-control in your pursuit of achieving your goals, you will forfeit the best results, within the time allocated. Your efforts to accomplish goals, could mean that you work your day job, while working on your future goal in the evening. It could mean less freedom for a while, however, in the end, your new accomplishment can be opposite.

6. Action- could be included with discipline. You must take action to get anything in your life. Be it a new car, a new house, more time with the children, and more time for you. Lazy is not a word we use for elements of super successful individuals. You must be ready to act, ready to learn, and put forth the efforts to be in a better position later. Success takes work, action, more work and more action.

7. Support – There are not a lot of people who do not know (or at least those who are wise), that you can always accomplish more by letting other people contribute. Neither you nor I have all of the same ideas, or experience. Your idea may be better than mine may, and just might work to as a better solution. Always know that you need the help of others, and it is a way for others to know and respect you.

“It marks a big step in your development when you come to realize that other people can help you do a better job than you could along.”          Dale Carnegie

8. Humility – No one likes a know it all, a person who wants to flaunt their success. Individuals who are super successful do not have a need to publish their accomplishment. There is no bragging. In fact, they are just the opposite. More than likely they only talk about it if questioned. They are very humble, modest, and grateful.

Humility and meekness knowing one came from a previous place where their sense of accomplishment was much less. While working to get where they are, they may have failed a few times. They were discouraged just as much, but still persevered, disciplined themselves, took action, and learned many things the hard way.

One motto: “It doesn’t matter what others think of your plan, it does not matter how long it takes. It only matters that you “never” give up.” L.T.

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