Hello everyone, so glad you have dropped by.

First I want to tell you how important it is to make this blog/website a hit. Why because when someone says you cannot do something, I try to prove them wrong. No, not to be a smarty, or spiteful, but to prove that determination and perseverance is the key to all successes. I love seeing other women succeed; however, success is important to me as well, and all of my hard work, dedication and hopes would be lost if I stopped trying.

You see, while exploring other blogs, I have found out that everything you read, buy, or go to a webinar and listen to, is not the final say. Your uniqueness is a key component. They say write long articles, content is king, do not focus on you, stop writing and start talking and the list goes on. A bunch of instructions and there is absolutely no way to make it all work together and be a unique “you.” You must be “real.”

You got it; I am older and oh, yes they say do not bring that to anyone’s attention. Well, I’m not, however I am not ashamed of my age and the years of learning lessons to share with others. I am also smart enough to know that you cannot help but notice. And, my age gives me some clout and experience with the subjects that I talk about here. Smile…I also am here to tell you that “Age Does Not Matter – Ageless Common Sense does.”

You see I have a tendency to be “slightly” funny, or humorous. Most people do not know that, and well I will admit that it doesn’t show up in large amounts. However, from this day forward we will find amusement, laughter, communicate, cry, pray, and share how you balance your lifestyle, work, money, finances, age and everything else. We hope you will join us and find the time to share your knowledge, your strength, and your passions. Empowerment to live life successfully is one focus we follow.

What Have I Accomplished?

First, I am a believe in the Lord, Jesus Christ and prayer, and Jesus Christ is Lord.

Secondly, I have learned that supporting others, will enhance my life to a level of accomplishment that nothing else will. I love to follow people who are making a difference in women’s lives as well as the entire human race, giving them worth, value and power. It is always empowering when we find someone who has the ability to achieve in whatever circumstances they find themselves in.

My career was in mortgage lending working for various Banking and Mortgage Institutions, Broker offices, Mortgage Insurance Companies, and Mortgage Contract Companies.  I became a Mortgage Auditor, Mortgage Underwriter, Loan Officer, Operations Supervisor, and then Senior Vice President.  Yes, I worked hard, and it was stressful at time, but so rewarding. It was not always a bed of roses, but I managed to learn.

I have also travel from the mid-south (Memphis), to the east coast, and west coast in my years of auditing mortgage loans, before paperless became the name of the game.  I enjoyed time in New York City, Boston, San Diego, Fort Lauderdale and Daytona, FL, up to Settle, WA, and many other cities. Too many to name, and  I have met, and worked with a lot of diverse personalities. I try applying my experiences to life, and love writing about how to live in a world where balancing life is sometimes very a hard and stressful process.

We consider our life “real.”  Yes, we have all experienced, set-back, triumphs, laughing times, crying times, and real life issues. However, we have a firm belief that all things are possible if we work hard enough, long enough and keep faith alive.

What I Know For Sure

I life Oprah, not just because she is originally from the South, but because there does not seem to be any pretense within her.

I am an advocate for “hope.”

I love the word “authenticity.”

“Common sense” is something I had a hard time learning.

I had to learn that everybody was NOT going to “like” me.

My many mistakes in life have “taught me,” great lessons.

I had to learn that sometimes, there is no one to lean on but, “yourself.”

If you do not believe in yourself, no one else will.

There is “never, ever” any reason to give up on anything in life. Why? Because there is nothing to “give up” to.

There is power in letting someone else “shine,” “bloom,” and be “noticed,” and there is also “power’ in knowing that you are not the “greatest” in all things.

“Self Confidence” often takes a lot of work.

I would be a “lost child,” without Jesus.

My list could reach many miles, however you are probably tired of reading this. So, let’s end with the hopes that you will follow us, give us your opinions, what you know for sure, and let’s explore more of life at any age. Just so it is with “Ageless Common Sense.”






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