Anger and Happiness Cannot Co-Exist

Anger1Anger is an emotion that we all have and can get us into deep trouble if we allow it. Some say it is healthy at certain times, but can also lead to destruction if it gets out of control. Even the Bible gives scripture that states;” be angry and sin not” However, it also states: “let not the sun go down upon your wrath. Ephesians 4:26. This is good advice and evidences that anger and happiness cannot co-exist.

This one verse of scripture pretty much sizes up what the perfect advice is, and it would be great if all people would take it to heart. Simply it would take care of many ills in the world.

No, not all people are overly angered and those who are do not always see they have an anger issue.  It is not that simple in all cases, but there should be a desire to control within relationships, family, and friends. Actually, anger does little to settle a matter of disruption anyway, so why do we let it get the best of us? Normally calm conversation will get things back to normal.

There is nothing much worse than a spouse who is easily angered, and one who cannot control themselves in public. Something catty was said in public, without a thought, the other slaps them on the face or storm out the door. This has happened, and unfortunately, this is when the one spouse need anger management.

We know that some anger is more toxic than others are, but anger not only dims our happiness, it can also lead to distasteful thinking. It can bring dissatisfaction, no comfort, or peace. Uncontrolled anger can and will make one’s life miserable at work, and at home. If an individual has an anger problem at work, they usually bring it home and take out the frustrations on family. This is reversed when someone has family anger, and takes it to work.

The professionals say that anger management processes can usually render healing, and help an individual become aware that their anger will not heal until they know what needs healing.

The American Psychological Association has printed material by a psychologist who specializes in anger management, which states some individual are just prone to have more anger. He stated that one does not always throw fits with outward burst of anger, but also will withdraw socially, and sulk. The article goes on to say that psychologist often call these reactions, a low tolerance for frustration. Meaning, they feel as if they should not have to be subject to the normal chaos of life.

The former reaction of outburst is most obvious. This often indicates there is an issue somewhere within one’s life that is in need of restructuring by that individual to lead to normal reactions.

Excessive anger is may also be caused by genetics. If you watch little children, you can often see that some are more easily angered than others are. They are feisty, irritable and want to be first, and always get upset if they do not have their way.

Anger management is a process to help one figure out what exactly is the cause of their frequent anger outburst and will lead a person to be more socially accepted. What one should ask them self is; what is the real trigger for my anger outburst.

Once a person sees the need to be more in control, there is room to develop strategies to help a person learn how to control the disruptions, chaos, and normal life things that we all have. Come on, please and get your happiness on!

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