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Being continually happy takes some work, effort and mastering. Happiness is self-made, and the self is often hard to control. We are all aware that we must have self-discipline with most of our emotions. The question today is; are you in a habit of not being happy.

It is impossible to be happy if you are constantly doing the following:

  • You get up in the morning with a negative attitude.
  • You dread the day, regardless of how fortunate you are.
  • You see clouds even if the sun is shining.
  • You think you feel awful, look awful, and hate your physical appearance.
  • You know there will be something dreadful to happen during the day, it always does.

What are you habits?

Are you in a rut? Do you find fault with everything, and wonder when something or someone is going surface and be what you think is good? Are you constantly unhappy about something, someone, or anything? Are you a negative person who always wants to argue with the makers of a product that say the product will do this or that, and you want to challenge them? Do you see the bad instead of trying to see the benefit of something? Are you always looking at the superficial, instead of looking at the in-depth prospective?

Sure, there are things in life that bring doubt, discouragement, and frustration to our life. However, it is how we view these life things, and deal with then, that will determine our continuation of happiness.

Happiness cannot live in the negatives of life…

This is where to begin:

  •  You get up in the morning with an attitude that today will be the best day of my life. Just for today, I will be happy, and contended with others and myself.
  • You cannot wait to get started on your favorite projects for the day; they always make you feel energetic and productive. Just for today, I will make my projects more fun for everyone.
  •  You are thankful to have many blessing that so many other people do not have and you will try to give someone, somewhere a smile. Just for today, I will
  • You look in the mirror and you feel good, look okay, and are happy for with yourself. You have something to offer the world and you are going to make yourself shine.
  • You know that life battles are not always won by the strongest, or fastest, but eventually the person who wins is the person who thinks, he can!

How to keep the Happiness Bug up-to-date

You need to see the good within yourself first, and then you will be able to see the good in others.

Keep your mind busy with positive reading, books, and quotes. Happiness just like laughing becomes contagious. If you greet others with a smile, more than likely they will smile back. If you tell someone how good, they look, more than likely you will make someone’s day better for them. Patting someone else on the back for something well done, gives encouragement to others, and it will make you feel empowered.

Think on good things. Remember that if you cannot do something about an adverse situation, forget it for the time being, and do something you can. No this is not always easy, however practice makes perfect. Try it anyway.

It is often hard for adult humans to see their needs, and is yet harder to get them to do something about them. However, if one desires to live a successful life, with greater accomplishments, living a life of happiness means one must endeavor to get out of the habit of not being happy.

Everyone has something within his or her life to be happy about. Find it, look at it, write it down, and simply be happy for that one thing, and add to that daily. Do not become satisfied with you mindset that tells you every day, you are unhappy.

Get it on, instead of looking at the reasons you are unhappy; simply find the reasons you have to be happy. They are there, waiting to be realized. Just look around you, in your neighborhood, at work, in the mall, everywhere, and you will notice things you need to be happy about.

Inspire yourself; look at your accomplishments, look at how greatly you are made. Look at your blessing, and laugh aloud and apologize to yourself for keeping you bound in this state of unhappiness.

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