The attitude and mannerism of successful people are generally smooth, calm, and conquered. Their actions are controlled, and are usually always within the parameter of being socially acceptable.

Most successful people who have learned how to influence others, at some point looked at himself or herself to see where they might need to adjust their attitude and mannerisms. In other words, they monitored their consciousness of how they appear to other people when they are in a crowd, and/or alone. The positive person generates a positive experience where ever they are.

Prominent psychologist Gordon Allport once described attitudes “the most distinctive and indispensable concept in contemporary social psychology.” Wikipedia

Mannerism- a habitual or characteristic manner, mode or way of doing something; distinctive quality or style, as in behavior or speech — Dictionary

Standout in the Crowd Pixabay
Standout in the Crowd Pixabay

Individuals With Influence

These individuals obviously have taken the time to evaluate other people’s annoying attitudes, based upon their mannerisms. They know that sarcasm and disrespect for anyone is frowned upon. The right attitude will project the right mannerisms when addressing, conversing, or intermingling with others. This dictates your influence. This is why we wanted to ask this question: Is your attitude with your mannerisms hurting your influence?

If you desire to get other people’s attention quickly, just give them a sarcastic answer, a know it all attitude, a remark, or always a joke and you will receive it. Of course, that attention is not going to be positive. It will be negative and reduce your ability to become a person of greater influence.

The right attitude can inflict confidence, respect, honor, and knowledge. It will carry with it the ability to influence others in a positive light. However, the wrong attitude and uncontrolled impulses to always have the answers, can cause disrespect and avoidance by others. The interruption of uncontrolled behaviors can be described as insecurities, fear, lack of discipline, disrespect for others, no self-respect, no scrutiny of self, and the inability to interact with other individuals.

What We Often See

  • If you have ever watched other people interact in a crowd of people, you have probably noticed the person who is always making a joke of everything. Some may think it is cute, others wonder how in the world he has made it thus far in life if everything is a joke.
  • Next is the person who walks up and interrupts the conversation without standing and waiting first to see what the conversation is about. He takes over the conversation with something that is only showing
  • Then you have the person who is glaring across the room and has not heard a word you said, and you have just wasted your time trying to converse with him or her.
  • After this, you have the person who knows everything you have said already, takes over the conversation, and makes you look like a fool. (This is actually reversed.)

The Person Everyone Wants To Talk To

Finally, you have the individual that everyone wants to talk to. They are calm, reserved, look you in eye when you are talking, and know every word you have said. They are listeners, you have their full attention, and they will respond with something that suites the conversation. If it is business, it will be intellectual, productive, and educational.

Influential individuals are not people who force themselves to standout in the crowd. They just have a knack for being themselves, knowing when, and when not to speak up. They listen, observe, and their speech is consistent, informative and does not force critique of anyone else.

Some people are just good at being an influential person who knows how to make other people feel comfortable, easy to talk to, and without any hypocrisy. Their attitude is that all people’s thoughts are welcome and should be noticed. These kind of individuals make excellent leaders.

If you have a good attitude, watch your mannerisms you do not have to be brilliant to succeed. Your attitude with great mannerisms will a lot of time get you the promotion, attention, fulfillment of your dreams.

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