What is authentic happiness?  The Happiness Bug is going to tell you!

Does anyone really know? Why sure they do! How does one keep authentic happiness within their life? Bunches of questions and only you have the answers for you; however, let us talk about what are known factors for authentic happiness from those who study it continually through positive psychology.

We all have our own interpretation of authentic happiness. Through years of living we learn more with each decade about ourselves and life, and find ways to accelerate happiness.  Therefore, when we finish with this article you can evaluate yourself with answer from some of this.

First, the experts indicate that every living creature needs and must be in the pursuit of the following habits to have authentic happiness. ** We have talked about some of these in a prior article. 

  • Gratitude
  • Know your strengths
  • Know your virtues…..yes you have virtues.
  • Kindness is essential, without kindness, you will not enjoy the kindness of others.
  • Friends- at least one friend to chat with and share your inner feelings with, without being judged makes for a positive within your authentic happiness pursuit.
  • Spirituality, you do have a spiritual self – the soul…..it is there; simply remember      what at you felt when you look at someone you love. The soul is what tells you when you are not making the right choices about your life…..that guilty feeling……the soul is there.
  • Check out your health…do you exercise and eat the right foods. Oh, yes, this is one of those prices of  life.  Good health can allow you to live longer while being fit, and        elevate your happiness.
  • Attitude – What is your attitude about life in general? Look on the sunny side of life. Disappointments come, and wreck our sunshine some times, but there is always a sunny side of life to think positive about. Attitude matters. It seems that having a negative attitude will not leave room for authentic happiness. You must see life in a positive way to have, unique, genuine and authentic happiness.

Authentic Happiness: Using the New Positive Psychology to Realize Your Potential for Lasting Fulfillment

What are your habits at work? Are you friendly; are you positive, do you love sharing your knowledge? Are you conceited or arrogant? Do the people you work  with see you in a positive perspective?

Do you know yourself? If so, do you like who you are? Are you everything you say    you are, or do you  live your life without being genuine? Do you go through the       motion, act one way at home and another at work or in front of people?

Many people only think they know themselves. It entails a lot of thought to explore who one really is. A person must be capable of being authentic to them self, and be willing to correct that which is indeed wrong. It is very tasking to withstand criticism from within as most of us see ourselves as being okay.

Since the latter is an important part for most issues in life, which includes authentic happiness, we will spend the rest of this article talking about this question. 

What are some signs or significant behaviors that stand out when someone does not know themselves well? We will give some examples, and I will just make a bet that you have known some of these people before as well.

Number One:  Some individuals think it is their way or the highway. In addition, they do not care what anyone else thinks. They know any news before you do, and you cannot tell them anything they do not already know; at least in their mind. These people are aggressively out of touch with how they appear to others.

The above individuals are also lacking in self-knowledge, and most of the time would not listen to anyone who tried to help them out.

Number Two:  These people want to be first in everything. First in self-praise, first to announce their promotion , first to get the biggest house on the block, first to make a million dollars, first to do everything. They just have to be first. They are special and need to be first.

Being negative, we do not allow, but this is about authenticity, and there are people who need to know themselves better and overcome the foolishness of life so that true authentic happiness can exist within their life.

Number Three:  Some individuals cannot stand for others to succeed. They will not give praise or a pat another on the back. They are jealous, they envy, and they will talk about your weaknesses to your back. They do not see the good in anyone but themselves, or someone they must look up to. They are self-absorbed and cannot find it within their character to be humble enough to recognize that someone other than himself or herself can master life.

Authentic happiness is about being an authentic person, who knows that regardless of what may come, happiness comes from within.  No One Else Can Make You Happy….. Bottom line, no substitute, no arguing, no excuses, and no lies. If a person cannot be authentic, true to what is right, just and fair with straightforward accountability, they are not going to have true authentic happiness.

**We will continue the many aspects of authentic happiness and other important issues to get to the wonderful state of true authentic happiness….join us then.

With love you share honest convictions that will help you to proceed on your journey…..to Authentic Happiness!




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