The Awakening Of Self To A Full Bloom


The Awakening Of Self To A Full Bloom

If you could change something about yourself, what would it be? If you could change who you are, who would it be? I do not know about you, but I do not know one person that I would rather be than “just myself.” It all comes down to learning to be a better you and becoming aware of your inner strengths while you explore the awakening of self to a full bloom.”

No, this does not mean that I think I am wonderful, or that I should not change some things within me to make my life more profound. It does not mean that I know everything I want or need to know. Nor, do I think that I possess all of the qualities that I may need to finish my life with grace and courage. However, as dull as I am, or unlike anyone else, I can repair my faults and bloom into the person I am meant to be. It may not be easy, but it is doable.

Here Is What I Feel

I have watched other people’s lives, their presentation of life, and studied different behaviors. I have decided that what I really needed within my life was the awakening of self, to become the human that God made me to be. I decided that we all have flaws, and we all have a need for improvement.

Here Is How Life Really Is

Life things come to everyone, and we are all seeking to have a life that is a peaceful journey. We want to be relevant to others, spread joy, hope, kindness, and empowerment, while just being ourselves. Anyone, if they choose can awaken their inner self to full bloom.

Here Are The Facts Of Life

We get one chance in our life to make it good. Each day when we get up, it is time to think about the consequences of our behavior. It all depends upon our actions, our thoughts, our hopes, and dreams. It does not matter how Joe Blow lives, does, feels, or acts. What matters most is how we take the reins to our life and put them in order to achieve our human goals.

Not all humans learn early that every decision they make can alter their life for better or worse. After a few blunders, they then become aware that just because they are who they are, life does not bend the rules for any one person.

Life Has Rules

Life has rules; those rules are consistent with many different angles to becoming a better you. Most of the rules are all spelled out for everyone to review, and live by. These life rules have been tested though out the years and can be applied to any life. Changes occur when an individual decides to look within their inner being to find out who they are.


Every woman who is reading this, must stand on their own two feet, take responsibility for their strengths, weaknesses, faults, irrational behaviors, and find their inner ability to get control of their thoughts and their life. Taking responsibility is the first step in awakening to being a better you.

***One successful way is to keep a running planner of your life, your dreams, your aspirations and just be determined to make your life happen!!! You are responsible for you: Do it for you…please- smile.


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You may think that Jo Blow is better at most things than you are. He or she has more potential, more qualities, more conveniences, aptitude, and fewer responsibilities then you do. However, you are unique just like Joe Blow and everyone else. You have your own greatness. It is in every fiber in you. Search it out! Start believing in yourself, and be “just you.” Awaken so that you can bloom. Look within, and see your greatness and powerful uniqueness that God has bestowed upon you, and only you.

There is not another person on earth that has your exact qualities, traits, excellence, or perfection. Yes, you have perfections and some quality that is extraordinary. Find it within you. You must explore, and refine the qualities, potential, and uniqueness. Your perfections are unique to you, and all you have to do is work on yourself.

You do not need to be like someone else, all you need to do is work on the imperfections you see within you. Explore the perfections, awaken, and start blooming. Everyone has imperfections. When you acknowledge that you can mend your imperfections, and work on the person within, you will see yourself in a different light.

Life is not about being perfect anyway. Life is about having integrity, goodness, decency, kindness, and happiness from within. If one were to try to change to be like someone else, it is not going to happen anyway. Be yourself, work to be a better self and start living your life with the awakening to bloom into that better you.

Never give up on YOU!



P. S. One never gets too old to apply this to life…get on it! 

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