Believe in me pixabayIn business, your career, and your entire life there is never room for not believing in your ideas, your hard work or your desire and dreams.  B E L I E V E!

Everyone from Oprah to Huffington Post has an article on “Believe in Yourself.”  And, no I have not read their articles at this point.  I do not want to see their words of wisdom before I write mine.  Now, does that tell you that I; “believe in myself?”

That does not mean that I think I am as wise as Oprah, or the Huffington Post crew; it merely says that I too have a little experience of  believing in myself and found success of my own.  Yes, there were also times that I failed, or should we say; did not make wise decisions.

Believe in YourselfBelieve in Yourself – some questions:   How do we learn the wisdom of knowing we are made with a purpose, and that we must believe in who we are?  How do we learn to have self-trust? Does that mean you will never fail?  Absolutely not!  Failure is part of growing and learning:  see this article.

We must first learn who we really are.  We know that all people do not have a thought of their spiritual self or faith.  That is their right and privilege for living in America.

I read an article by Oprah where she discusses “her spiritual self.”  She concludes that when her TV Series made this a subject, many readers, and people who did not believe in the spiritual self; gave her some flack.  Well, the same may go here, but if you do not know yourself, your spiritual self as well as your body, mind and heart, (called a soul), you will not fully know how to “believe in yourself.”

Self-trust is mandatory for success.  It does not mean you go with every whim of thought, but with the knowing that your soul will tell one way or the other; you have made the right decision for the appointed time.

The body is made up of organs that keep the body fine tuned, the mind/brain is matter, but it has the capacity to do and achieve much more information than you could ever use.  Described in Dr. Peter Shepherd’s; “Transforming the Mind.”  He explains so well just how we have a spiritual self, but that we cannot understand the spiritual until the natural is understood.  Most people do not put in the work to understand how the human is made and how much potential we have; if we only possessed the ability to use the power within us.

You were born with more ability than you could or will ever use per Psychologist.  We have to tap into that portion of our mind/body/soul to find all of our inborn potential.  The answers are in the highlighted text above.

When we are born, our history begins.  How our parents speak to us, teach us, guide us, and love us which is one of the most important contributions to our future life.  But, our parents cannot give us the will or courage to grow into what we were intended to be.

Believe in Yourself 2How do I know?  Okay, my mom would never have suggested that I take a trip to Denver, Colorado at 20 years of age to live a different life in the city.  She would not have told me to go to Atlanta, Georgia to find a job when I could not get one after moving back to our little home town.  She would never have approved of me taking a job where I would fly the skies from NY to San Diego, Seattle and a lot of states in between to advance my knowledge and career in mortgage lending. I would still be sitting; waiting on something to happen that never would have happened.  I had to have belief in myself or this country girl would have done what someone else thought I should do.

We cannot always believe that what mom and dad want for us; is what is meant to be.  We must learn to believe in ourselves, our abilities and trust our own inner soul.  We must let go of fear, which holds us back and step into a new world often to pursue what is waiting for us.  If you can’t believe in yourself; you can’t possible achieve anything out of the ordinary.

Believing in you starts with taking risk sometimes.  Risk without fully knowing how things will turn out. There are times that you must have faith enough to know that you hold your future in your hand; not mom and dad’s hands or any other individuals.  No, that does not mean that you do not take precautions, and deep thought about changes in your life.  It means that after you have review your motives, your reasoning, your passions, and your senses; you know that you believe in yourself enough to know that you are making the right decisions.


Cheers, and Never, Ever, Stop believing in yourself!!!!

Linda Todd



P. S. I did read this morning about Oprah’s “What I Know For Sure.”  It was well worth the read.

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