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Business FinanceIn the past ‘some’ women depended upon the men in their lives to worry about the economy, and financial issues of life.  Now most women realize that there are no excuses when it comes to keeping up with the business, finance and economics of our world as it exist today.

We are forever learning of new twist and turns within our government, financial facilities, and the economics that make us fear our future, and mostly our children’s future.

Due to economic changes;  certain privileges, and advantages we used to be free to choose; are being taken away.  They are telling us there is a better way of living; and they know what is best for us.  As you see, I watch the news and some of it makes me cringe just to think about.

To be smart we need to look at our present condition within our financial state and make sure we are in tune with what is going on in the world that has changed forever.

Let us be sure that we make a note in our handbook to watch out for changes in business, finance, and economic growth that might affect the average person.  We already know that the two latter are interrelated, in that they supply and affect each other.

Business i.e. firms; enterprises or companies are the organizations for which we are employed, unless we are self-employed.  These offer goods and services, and in fact provide us payment of income for working within their structure.  Quite simple we think, but businesses can fail, be compromised, go bankrupt and into foreclosure.  When working for any business, bank, firm or company; it is important to read the latest financial reports, budgets (where made public) and news bits of the company and make sure you are prepared if they are on the verge of failing; downsizing and closing the doors.  The lows and the highs are always reported somewhere….find it and make yourself knowledgeable.

Economics is a society and social behavior that studies the creation of value; consumption and distribution of services and goods.  More conclusive an organized system of labor and material aids used to supply the needs of the public.

Finance is the part we understand best, at least for me as it is to do with our money, the cash flow, the study of prices, interest rates, and what we get in exchange for our money.  How we spend it being important to our net worth, current financial health, and our future retirement.  This is the part we sometimes overlook with our busy schedules, but is in fact a very important part of our life; or should be.

With review of our money and/or cash flow, we should look at what we are spending, what we are spending on,  what we have charged on  credit cards, and how long it will take us to pay back what we have borrowed.  Most often this isn’t a pretty picture for the average American.

We are not ignorant of any of the above structures which affect how we live, how well we live and how we might live in the future, but just a reminder that we should pay close attention to how we could be affected down the road. If there is not much money saved;  we could be in trouble.  Next month, next year, who knows? This is where we should have intact our budget to make sure we have reserves for daily necessities should the worst arrive.

The applicable issues flow to; how much have we saved for necessities such as food, clothing, or that extra house payment.  How much have we saved for college education for the children, and our own retirement?  All of these being of importance.

How do we learn about these issues if we are not up-to-date on what is going on in the business, the financial and economics of the world we live in?  We listen to the news, we read reports given online, we keep up with our personal finance, and then we as women will be prepared for those unexpected crisis that often inhibit us.


 Linda Todd

P. S.   Okay, ladies I know there are a lot of you in business and finance, and are business-finance savvy. You probably watch out for the business and economy for the sake of the children.  If you are like most; you worry for their future.  This is just a reminder that we can’t let anything slip by us.  Especially for those ladies who are the breadwinner of the family.

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