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    Jamie, You are correct that mortgage lending is an in-dept process. Lots of people do not realize that their financial history, credit history is all taken into consideration. Some people believe they should get a mortgage loan on simply good credit but there is much more to weigh than credit.

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    Hi there, I’m reaching out to everyone who might be able to help me!

    My names Jamie and I’m just a typical girl from the UK just trying to break into the web development industry and help people buying their home more easy.

    When I finally found my dream home I was more excited than I can put into words. However when the reality hit of just how much money I’d need to save for my house deposit and also how complicated getting a mortgage can be I really was overwhelmed.

    So I started my learning HTML/CSS/JavaScript to help build easy to use (non-scary!) mortgage tools. Along the way I realised I loved coding and now hopefully I’m going to turn it into a career.

    So if you would, please take a look at my website and share it with your website visitors, friends or just anyone if you think they may find it useful and you want to help a girl make it in this male dominated industry of web development!

    Finally I always try and offer something of value to anyone I ask something from so I’d be happy to give you a shout out to my many twitter (5,000 ish) followers in return. My user name is UKmortgagecalc, haven’t figured out how to get it on my website yet! Another possibility…I do a review of your product or service.

    Please let me know your thoughts 🙂
    So many thanks,

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