Dare To Be Yourself And Achieve “Your” Success

What is wrong with you? Why in the world are you downgrading yourself, or believe your do not have talents like everyone else? There is absolutely no excuse for trying to hide your deepest characterizations, ideas, thoughts, provocations, or explicit knowledge. Daring to be yourself, is a challenge, but aren’t you up to it? Are you sure, you want to bypass the chances of becoming the next person who influences the world? No, I did not think so! It is time you take a chance on you!

Just so, you know, I am here to ignite your inner desire to influence those around you, mainly yourself, and become the next person to make history. Dare to be yourself, make no excuses, and achieve your own success. Why not, and why not you?

Your thoughts may be that “I don’t want to make history; I just want to accomplish something notable and worthwhile. But, I am not like (so and so); I just do not have any special skills or abilities, I am different and I am not sure I can make it happen.” Yes, you do, and yes, you can, you should, and you will if you start by looking inside and pushing forward all of the knowledge, desires, potential, and worth that you already have.

You are essential to the world. God did not make you to sit on your butt and dream. You have to be yourself, seek to be your unique self, and get over looking at someone else. You, have something that is “distinctive,” ready to explode and the authority to make a profound life for yourself in this world that is ever changing.

Let me tell you some facts…some people who have searched to be the greatest of whatever they were trying to be, have never reached what they thought was complete success. They could have if they had been focused on being authentic, acting with integrity and not changed their focus to always wanting more, and never being satisfied. Some become overcharged, over confident, defiant to good principles, and they blow They forgot that while becoming successful, it means you must adhere to certain wholesome tactics, ideals, and standards when dealing with other people, and life in general.

An example of this is anyone who starts out with good ideas, character, trying to benefit and serve other people. They are caught up with the idea that it feels good to be in power (after a little success hits), and they want more, but forget their principles. That is when the desire goes too far, and is never enough.

To put this in simple language, from all accounts this is what Hillary Clinton did. No, we do not know this person personally; we cannot know what is in the heart and exactly what her core values are. We have all read those things that are contrary to being famed as a person that highly respects all people. From listening and readying the email scandal issues, there were emails that indicated, she was arrogant, egotistical, and self-righteous.

When she voiced other Americans as a “basket of deplorable,” and all of the other words she used; there is no excuse or justice for her judgment, or words. When she was addressing Wall Street (privately) and discussing how successful and rich she had become, she indicated that she now could not relate to the person of lower degree/class. She stated that everyone had a “public,” and “private,” stance on their views. Well, not a genuine, sincere, and wise professional would be subject to that last statement.

While we know that most people believe in what is right, just, and truth, for all people, it appears that some believe those in “power,” over what is right, just, and truth.

With the example above in mind, here are some aspects of looking for wise success.

Things To Know About True Success

  1. You must be yourself, go with your own ideas, ideals, and establish your own worth.
  2. Look within yourself and find that specific talent that you have, and push it to the front, study it, flourish it, become enthused about it, and find a way to open it to the outside. Your question may be “What if there is nothing there?” There is something deep in your soul, and you must find it. Here are some things to ponder:
  • Is there a desire in your heart to write, play music, sew, become a graphic designer, write a book, have a blog, travel, and learn about other famous places? Do you desire to help other people more than you do now, and become a mentor, a nurse, a doctor? Can you speak more than one language? Do you want to? Do you have more technical skills than you are using?

Do you love photography? Can you draw? Can you paint? Do you love English and want to teach it? What about caring for children and having a Childcare at home so that you can stay home with your children?

  • What specific opportunities exist within your location? Do you have the ability to attend night classes?
  • Think about all of your desires, your special talents, your talents you need to work on, and find the time to do so.
  1. Let fear be gone. Fear is not a good match for success. However, do not overdo it by being completely fearless and get too obsessed with yourself.
  2. You should never compare your success to someone else. Their circumstances are different. You have an opportunity to do something great with your own potential. Competition is not your friend.
  3. Your success will not be measured by the amount of money you make. It will come from the peace, joy, and enthusiasm that come from making it.
  4. Do not expect anything from anyone else. If you are waiting for someone else to approve, you can forget. If they do, you are lucky.
  5. Learn from your mistakes, and never let them stop you.
  6. Be consistent, work hard, speak good things to yourself. “I can do this, I have sufficient knowledge, and I will train myself to do it right.”
  7. Be humble, give praise to others who have accomplished something good, exercise simplicity, work for excellence without wanting perfection.
  8. Dare to be human, because you are. However, never get too big for your britches, and let the sun go down on your wrath.

Repeat after me; “Dare To Be Yourself.”

Get off that couch and get to work!


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