With the transiting of life within the teenager’s life, depression is very common. Depression is caused by different factors among the youth due to peer pressure. During the teenage years, it is natural that teens became more emotional about competing in life, worry about being good enough, and being popular. With more and frequent bullying within school systems, depression is at a peek. It is very relevant to keep you eyes, and ears open to your teenagers emotional needs. Depression stinks, and can cause a teenager’s life to be in turmoil if not corrected.

What are the causes of depression among the teenagers?

  • First, since they are always in school, they have people that they want to be friends to, but sometimes discrimination occurs between them.
  • Often, teenagers may find themselves rejected within a certain group, and because of this, he or she becomes depressed and lacks confidence about him or herself. They also get stressed and depressed by being bullied. His group of friends forces him to do this or to do that, or else he will not be a part of the group anymore.
  • A teenager also gets depressed when he and someone who was close to him; his best friend had some misunderstanding. Among teens, friendship is very important to them because next to their family, their friends are the ones who can understand them best. They can turn to them when they have problems, especially if a teenager comes from a broken family or their parents are always busy.
  • Peer pressure is the most common problem that depressed or even frustrates teenagers. Teenagers should choose their friends wisely. They should choose the ones who can influence them for good, and pick those who can make them feel up instead of down. It is important for them to know what clarifies a true friend..
  • A broken family or broken home is another cause of the youth’s depression. Teens can begin to feel that their parents or family does not love them. This situation is the common cause why youth become rebellious.

We observe that young criminals often come from unhappy homes. Everyone, not just   the teenagers, wants to love and be loved. Therefore, parents must give their full support and attention to their children, so that the children will be more confident about his or her existence. When a child has the attention they deserve and need from their parents, the more he or she will have a good sense of direction in the future.

According to stats from several online health associations: Approximately 20% of teenagers will experience depression in their adolescent years. Suicide in the third-leading cause of death for teenagers of ages 15-24. Some receive treatment, others do not and suffer the affects until adulthood.

  • Poverty is also a factor why a teenager gets depressed. A teenager wants to go to school to follow his dreams, but he cannot take it because of financial problem. With a young mind, the teens get envious about some other child who has delicious food on their plates, beautiful clothes to wear, and so many other things that he also wants to have.

Poverty does not have to cause depression, in fact, it should be used as an inspiration and motivation for them to persevere and work hard on the things they want in life if they have the right support system.

  • Health and physical appearance is another factor of depression in teenagers, they are always more conscious on how they look in front of other people. Others bully them because of their physical imperfections. Bullying is the primary cause of depression, which can sometimes lead to suicide among teenagers.

It is important that parent praise their children, at all stages, and know what is going on within their life. It is important that teens be taught what is most important within their life. One can never start too young to teach children that their life must be built upon values that are consistent with morality, integrity, and love. They must feel comfortable and complete with who they are, and their physical appearance is not what matters.

In fact, most all humans would do good to remember that we are perfectly, imperfect.

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