We hope to make you laugh, while describing an issues that does exist for many women. Some of us are as healthy as our younger counterparts, and still want and need to use our mind to explore other avenues of life, After all, we deserve to do it, our way!

To The Facts

You see all kinds of tabloids describing women beyond the age of 50 up, as seniors, older women, unable to find employment and describing us as if we are ready for the grave yard. Yes, some of us may fit all of these descriptions. However, it is known that those who are mindful of keeping their brains active and intact can stay active longer than the normal. It is also known the “older” groups, (baby boomers), men and women are living a lot longer than in the past.

Many women feel the same way about being classified as old, or too old. This is insulting not because of the age process, but because age does not always determine one’s ability to thrive. By telling us, we are no longer desired, nor have the ability to perform in the workplace, or in business, or our thinking is stale; is simply not acceptable.

Companies think of younger women as having more energy, stamina, and can learn faster. That is true to a certain extent. Neither the body, nor the beauty is mentioned, however let us be certain it plays at role of the reason companies want younger women.

This article is not about being negative, as it is actually the truth, and women especially are afraid to speak their minds about it. This exists in the all corporations and most other job facilities. AARP reported this several years ago, and it has not changed. Management starts to find fault with their older employees “old fashion” methods of implementing processes and procedure. Then before you know it, early retirement becomes a subject. I can just see the heads shaking now, and many have faced this issue.

Before we go further, let us mention one thing to let you know that we are not embarrassed by being our age, how we now look, and certainly the knowledge we have gained. I do not know many women my age or older, or slightly younger who would want to take a trip back to being younger and having so much to learn again.

Whew, thank goodness we know that even sunshine burns if you get too much, (no, I did not originate that line), and presents are not promises, and you must build your own self-worth and not wait for someone else to bring you flowers. Re: Part of a poem-author unknown.

From where I sit, there is nothing written in stone that indicates a women or any person over 60 loses their ability to think, reason, listen, learn more, work and influence others positively. It is known that older means that you have experience in everything that your life has handed you. It also means that you have survived those things, become stronger, learned from the mistakes and carried on. Age has its benefits.

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Age or being older means that you have probably worked with all types of personalities, some highly remarkable individuals, who promoted your success as much as their own. Some more than likely were jerks, excuse me; we all know they do exist, and you were glad when they changed jobs. As managers we also learned that the people you supported would in turn, and stab you in the back. It means that while working in a difficult situation, you learned when to keep your mouth shut, when to smile and walk away.

Seriously, there is too much emphasis on when older men and women should change their life pattern, quit working, and retire. They should have the same rights as the younger generations until they see the need to change courses. They should never be forced into retirement; however, it happens all the time. Let us just add that most people realize themselves when it is time to hang up the hat.

Why Does This Issue Exist?

Company benefit is one issue, meaning health care and other issues that require companies to have to pay larger co-pays. Still, it is no excuse for someone who wants to work after the 60 plus age.

It appears that those younger individuals who have become leaders, forget that one day they will pass the age of 40 plus also. Do they want to keep working, keep learning, keep sharing the knowledge they have learned through the years? It would appear appropriate for these individuals to step back, look at where they are; and where they will be, some day. I think their attitude would definitely change, and there might be some compassion and thought that they still have much to learn about life, work and all life things.

Here is the deal. Many older women and men are not ready to sit on the couch, watch television all day long, and twiddle their fingers. The mind is a terrible thing to waste at all ages, and this is why many individuals develop Alzheimer’s disease, depression and other mental debilitating illnesses.

This is what older than 50, 60 and beyond knows for sure:

  1. They have learned that their way of doing things is not the only way.
  2. They have learned that if you focus on the negative in life, you will receive just that, the negative.
  3. These individuals have had difficulties by this time, and know that they are blessed beyond all measures, as it could have been worse.
  4. Older women have now learned that being highly intelligent is not as useful as being wise, emotionally intelligent, and compassionate.
  5. Women, who have lived and learned from stress, bouts of depression, and possibly some small illnesses, know how to take care of their health, habits, and spirit.
  6. Any older individual who has lived past the age of 50 knows that life is not always a bowl of cherries. They accept that and live their life with grace and gratitude.
  7. The older you get does not mean you stop learning. You realize that you can still learn something very important from the “younger” generation, which will keep you knowledgeable of changes.
  8. You also know that a sharp mind means that you keep it busy, use it resourcefully, do not damage it with disbelief in yourself, and refuse to let life depress you.

Okay, now that we are clear on this subject, I love everybody and want the best of life things for all. Please understand that “mature” women are actually just starting their second life!!! I know that I am!

Have a grateful heart...

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