Don’t Worry – Be Happy!

Worry is a silent killer. Nothing is solved or resolved by worrying. Worrying about the past is futile worrying about future is folly. Just act in the present, and be thankful you are present. Worry is the root cause of many physical and mental illnesses. Worry is a great waste of time and energy. You have better things to do, and that is, to be happy. Therefore, Don’t Worry – Be Happy!

Worry does not change a bad situation. It is like a slow poison. It can be a chronic illness, if one constantly worries. In fact, worry can be much worse than a physical illness if not conquered. It can and has caused many individual to develop Anxiety Disorders. Worry and anxiety are related in the sense that if you worry too much, you will become too anxious. Worry not only affects your body, but your mind too.

If you think seriously, you would find that it is really no use worrying about anything. It is foolish to worry about past or future. Nobody can change the past. Whatever has happened cannot be changed. Why worry? How can something that has yet not happened affect us? How are we so certain that the future is so bleak? Things may turn out well. Why then worry? Worrying just tires us and diminishes our capacity of clear thinking and completing our task. It promotes negative thinking, and it hardly ever turns out the way you think it will. Instead of worrying, we should use positive affirmations and resolutions.

Dr. Stephen A. Diamond, Ph.D. – Psychology States that in Cognitive-behavioral therapy – professions seek to help their patients who are excessively worriers, to see that their worrying is irrational and counterproductive. If worry could solve the problem, it would be on everyone’s to do list. Problem solving requires clear thinking and planning. Therefore, worry makes us incapable of clear thinking, and the planning becomes coupled with fear. Life things are going to happen, they will happen regardless of our worry. If it is going to rain, it will. However, there is usually a rainbow after the rain.

The worst-case scenario may not even be bad enough to worry. You have made your boss angry. You worry that he may fire you. You have survived worse, more than likely. Perhaps you may get a better job. You dread to go to the office next day. You think of sending in your resignation letter. Worrying as you reach the office, the boss calls you. He apologizes it was his mistake!

Not only should we not worry about little things, but also we should also not worry about seemingly big things. The things that seem today very big and important will seem trifle tomorrow, so much of the time.

If you cannot do anything about the issue, you are worrying about; why worry? If you can resolve, change, make right the issue, start a plan to do it.

How Do We Conquer Our Worst Worries?

Focus on tranquility……… calmness….seek balance

One important strategy is to focus on the good in each situation. Either you have learned something very important, or you will learn something. You can stop worrying when you take the time to realize there is nothing in the world that someone other than yourself has faced this same issue, and survived. By remembering that you are strong and can handle what comes your way, you will find the path to clearer thinking and acceptance.

Of course, it is hard to believe that anybody worries for the sake of worrying. The mind can do more things that are more productive than worry. We can train ourselves to go from worry to resolve just by saying the old cliché “this too will pass.” Just move forward. You cannot be happy worrying about something that you have no clue about.

As all bad habits, the habit of worrying is also difficult to get rid of. So, in the first instance, never make worrying a habit. Secondly, try to divert your mind. Think of positive things. Get busy with some physical activity. Keep yourself away from people who are habitually the worrying type and who always see the negative side of a thing.

Instead of useless worrying, one should take positive action—this brings into focus positive happiness.

Don’t Worry – BE HAPPY!


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