Dreams – Make Them a Reality

How to Make Your Dreams a Reality

Once upon a time, I had a dream. I dreamt that a fairy would come and bring me flowers and a new dress. Then I dreamt that I was the smartest kid on the block, only to find out that Jessie thought he was too, and he was. He studied all the time, and cared less about playing games. He loved learning and understanding how things work. You know things like, it takes about 27 days for the moon to orbit the Earth, and return to its starting position. I woke up from my dreams one day, and decided to work on making my dreams a reality.  I decided to work on the important stuff and learn something I did not know. We begin our journey to Dream and Make Them a Reality.


We start our dreaming at an early age. Children often believe in fantasy and go to sleep at night thinking about their dreams. At maturity, one has learned that dreams cannot come true if there is no plan, goal, or work to make them a reality.

There is a big difference in dreaming about something really profound that you would love to do, and beginning the path to make it a reality. You can dream all of your life of something profound. Making your desires a reality is a different ballgame. If you never buy a bat and try to hit the ball, you will never have a home run. Acting upon those dreams is necessary and if you do not, you have lent yourself an undue justice.

We start with the fact that you must bring reality forward. No one can do it for you.  Others can encourage you, offer constructive criticism, and praise you, but you must take the lead, and do the work.  You have to figure it out.

Now is the time to shake yourself, slap your face, get a drink of water, and wake up. If you have been trying to reach your dreams without doing a little work, or making some sacrifices, time is only ticking.

Evidence states that effort is necessary to get out of your comfort zone. If you are waiting to feel the comfort of your project before you even get started, you might never start. Begin by setting your goals, move forward by reaching them one at a time.

What is Holding You Back?

  1. Decide what is holding you back and do whatever it takes to change your thoughts, habits, and what you need to feel more confident about your goals.
  2. If it is fear remember this quote: “Fear is what you can’t see; Faith is what you can’t see, take your faith less fear and you have fearless Faith.”
  3. Faith will get you through. Without it, you will stand still and do nothing.
  4. Know beyond any doubt what it is that makes this dream so important to you. It must be important to you. It must be something that drives you and will keep driving you.
  5. You must know that you have within you the determination to press forward even when the chances look slim.
  6. Compromise is often necessary.
  7. Accepting failure as lessons learned is necessary.
  8. Positive re-assessments will help correct what might be wrong or what needs more focus.
  9. Aligning yourself with the present while having the vision of the long-term results will keep your life more manageable.
  10. Always remember that you are unique, smart, creative, and have all of the potential you will ever need. Use it!

Most successful people and those people who have big plans are aware that you get nothing for nothing. As a great person, John Maxwell said, “Dreams don’t work, unless you do.”

So, dreaming alone doesn’t work for goals or a final result, simply because if you’re only dreaming your final results will only be your dreams.

Don’t forget to wake up, stop being lost in your thoughts and take some action!!! Your life is moving much faster than you think. You may need to catch up.

Dreams don’t work, unless you do!  John C. Maxwell



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