If you are looking for answers of how God created the universe so that we humans might live on this earth, search no further. I have put together something that explains exactly how he made it all work together for the good of the earth.

Is God Real – Only 4.99 You can purchase this one

on Amazon here Is God Real: With Faith All Things Are Possible…. (God and His Wonders Book 1)



Secondly, if you are a woman who sits back and let someone take the lead instead of stepping up and showing your worth; this book is for you. You will find encourage to build you self-confidence, implement your experience, and be who you were meant to be. There are rules, all life has rules. Grab this eBook…and “Wake UP.”


Women Wake Up And Be Awesome  4.99 – You    can send me your email in the contact us and I will be glad to send you an invoice from PayPal for either book. I will send instructions for payment, and deliver your eBook. You do not have to have a PayPal account, however the information you input there is very safe and secure. I have used it for years.

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