Effective Leadership Skills

There are a lot of women in leadership roles who are not in the news articles or flashed on televised channels while making a name for themselves with their effective leadership skills.  Most will never be recognized by anyone other than those who work directly with them. Effective leadership skills must often be a priority because there are always different employees with varying emotional needs, themselves.

Nor, will the nice ladies who have somewhat of an ineffective leadership be known to anyone but those who experience the negative. The latter being a good thing since no one desires attention to the negatives that have not been recognized or changed. However, for those employees, it is often hard to focus on doing their job well.

Working for and with many other leaders in business and finance, those with the attributes of having effective leadership skills did not have to try very hard at being an effective leader.  They simply knew how to promote other people, and they act toward others the way they prefer to be treated themselves.  It is not all about their intelligence, or their education, it is about their ability to work successfully with others and they possessed “emotional intelligence.”  These books are essential for The Emotionally Intelligent Manager:

Here are some attributes of Effective Leadership Skills:

  • They listen to each person under their rule.
  • They have excellent communication skills and they watch their body language.
  • They have a good sense of studying other people’s needs and development.
  • They do not display their own knowledge just to be seen or put above another; they desire to help each one.
  • They work with the team, and do not ask the team to do anything they would not do.
  • They respect the rules of the company.
  • They desire each individual to excel.
  • They do not play favorites in the sense that is it known * of course they want to recognize those who work hard, have initiative and are self-starters.
  • They try to bring the lowest performing person up to the next level *if that is possible.
  • They are not just a leader who sits in their office and gives instructions; they work themselves with a “hand on” ability.
  • They know how to handle any issue; regardless of who’s fault it is, knowing that as the leader they are responsible for everything that goes on within their department.
  • They handle missed deadlines like a pro; no blame game, they put together a plan for handling what went wrong.
  • They are pros at handling stress; they do not let it show and calm the team with words of wisdom to accomplish what needs to be accomplished, and finally
  • They simply know that they can accomplish much more with the help of others than they could do alone. They give credit and praise where needed for a job well done.  They are friendly, helpful, and considerate.  They are leaders of quality and use effective leadership skills because you cannot survive without the team.

Leadership in most companies carries with it some stress, decisions and work. There are no options for deciding to dislike the employees, as everyone must start to learn at the bottom.  If you have reached this level of authority in any company, there has to be a reason you got where you are.  Most people do not enjoy going to work every day expecting the boss to lose their cool.

Effective leadership skills can make or break the company’s public profile.  If leadership is lacking, it will flow over to the employees and then to the public.  That is why many companies now hire individuals for leadership and other roles who exploit more emotional intelligence over high IQ.  They had much rather employ someone who has the ability to promote and guide their crew with effective leadership skills; then to have someone who has the perfect IQ.


Linda Todd

P. S.  Let me know your take on How To Influence Others also. What is your experience and how do you see a leader being more effective?


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