Faith Matters And Gratitude

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To Enjoy Life More, We Need More Gratitude

There is often too much that we have become accustomed to, and take for granted in our everyday life here in this country. We become complacent, think we are privileged, and often think we deserve even more than we have. This is not a negative note; it is merely to help us make a note to have gratitude for all the things.

Being thankful does not take a lot of work, or time. It merely takes a moment to step back, look at our surroundings and see how blessed of a people we are.

One of my uncles used to say; “the reason we do not have more is that we are not thankful for what we have.” I have to concur with this statement. It seems our mindset is Lord, I want more. More of earthly treasures, recognition, and please add on more wealth.

It is time for all of us to begin thinking about how often we have the call for more.  If we decided to take the time to list all of the good things we have, our needs would probably be far less.

Our journey in Faith Matters to help us see that we are not forgetting the soul matters that keep us grounded. We need to be more compassionate, spread kindness, be happier, and more thankful.

We know that not everyone believes in spirituality the same, however, recent studies have proven even by professionals that we all have a spiritual self. They state that most often we do not understand our spiritual self, because we do not understand our carnal self. We do not seek to know ourselves better and therefore our spiritual self or our soul matters become non-existent.

Another important aspects of faith matters, is of course faith. When we realize that we all have faith every day when we walk out of the house that we will return. You do not speak it, nor think about it per say, however, it is a step of faith.

You have faith that your family will have a great day, come home in the evening for family time, dinner, and a good night’s rest. All things we do are part of faith. Think about your day, think about your travels, and think about your life.

Not any of us have the ability to keep ourselves from random harm. We live in faith, this is our spiritual self we often do not know. The one, who protects us daily, watches our steps, and mis-steps, and this is none other than the Power of God.

We each have different lifestyles, different circumstances, and we share different insights to life. However, we are still the individuals who share the basic human needs of love, respect, recognition, and hope.

Logic tells us that if we become more grateful, and appreciate what we have, our peace in life will become more substantial. We will have a calm knowing that all good things come to those who have faith.

Have a grateful heart...
Have a grateful heart…

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