How To Find Your Life Passion and A Career You Love


There is a cliché that goes like this: “Love what you do, do what you love.” It is almost that simple, but not quite. When you are doing what you love, your happiness will flow into your work, and your work will become luxuriant. You will be ready to start the next project, go on that next business trip, or open up another department within your company.

Finding your life’s passion, or changing your career can be daunting, if not almost impossible for some individuals. Here is one reason. They are in a career that matches their education; they are a single parent and cannot miss a paycheck. They have fear of change, fear of failure, and fear of not feeling secure. In other words, they feel secure within their present career, and the unknown is scary.

All individuals have their own scenario of why they are unable to venture out of the norm. They do not want to deal with the not knowing if it will work out. Therefore, they stay in a career they are not totally happy with and a ‘job’ that is frustrating.

So many people are hiding behind the fact that, this is what I studied for in college and this is what I am supposed to do. Therefore, they stand in the way of their own happiness without realizing it.

career-vision-tunnel-self-madeHow to Find Your Life’s Passion

  1. Have a vision with a bird’s eye view. What makes you want to get up in the morning? Make a list of all your dream jobs or talents you would love to pursue, which have directed you to think about trying to make your passion, your life’s work.

People are stuck and in habit mode most of the time. Dr. Peter Shepherd states in his book “Transforming the Mind,” that we go on automatic most of the time. We do not even realize it, but we do not use all of our brainpower. We just go with the flow, and carry on, instead of reaching for more satisfaction or our passion.

So, what does this have to do with finding your life’s passion? This is an indication that you are living your life on a daily basis out of habit. The familiar, the safe, and a form of security, and one of the first moves is to let go of fear.

What if you got up tomorrow and decided you would explore some long ago dream of learning to paint? What if you came home that night, opened your web browser, and started your research all the possible channels to accomplish your dreams? Within the research your excitement begins to evolve and grow, your passion ignited all over again, so the next night you do more of the research.

You find within this research that the Community Center is sponsoring a well-known Artist who is giving free lessons on how to begin this passionate career. Yes, it is a challenge, and yes, it is taking a chance, but if you desire to love what you do, chances are inevitable. However, the Community Center is offering evening classes; therefore, the day job can continue until you are ready to step out on your own.

  1. If your passion is another career or move up the ladder, and not in your field of study, makes yourself ready by studying what you do not know upfront. Most careers have excellent education online. All new jobs have a training period for learning the prospective of company. However, the more you know, the more qualified you are going to be.

Be prepared for the interview to voice in an educated way what you have learned, to give the interviewer sufficient evidence you are qualified for the position.

To progress within a career that you feel more suited to, may mean hard work upfront until you are comfortable. However, if it is your passion, you will find a way to make it happen.

  1. Entrepreneur takes planning, depending upon what your service is. There are online businesses, eCommerce, and many opportunities within blogging. Some require cash, others do not, however to be successful with your passion, you still need to plan your course of action.

Many women now have the desire to stay home with their children until they are in school, and often until they are off to college. The internet is full of surprising opportunities and women who have made their dream a reality and live their passion every day.

It can happen, it does happen; however, it does not come true for everyone who wants to venture to the internet. It is a personal endeavor, which takes time to make it profitable, and a lot of dedication, with perseverance. The process is studying, learning, trial and error, and the same over again. With the never give up attitude.


There is no time in life to be a self-destructive person, so the rules are; makes sure you are not on a whim. We have acknowledged that chance is a part of the equation; however, this is not something to do impulsively. This often takes financial planning. Take the time to explore your passion, and make sure your desires have all of the potential you feel it does.

I have seen individuals who squander opportunity that came right to their door. They simply could not allow themselves to at least try, learn something new, or take the chance. They let fear take over their potential.

The aforementioned is not advising anyone to jump ship, it is merely giving inspiration to do something you love by planning, visualizing, and then taking action.

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    Thank you so much Liz for stopping by to read and comment on this post. It is certain that happy people perform better than someone who is not passionate about what they are doing. Of course we also know that happiness starts with being happy within one’s self. So glad you stopped by.

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    Great post with a common sense approach to finding your passion. Happier people will perform better. So if you have to work, either enjoy it or find work that you do enjoy. Life is too short.

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