Happiness Within Your Marriage

When couples get busy with life, family, and living, they often forget one of the most valuable attributes to happiness in life. Recently, one politician said a great family brings happiness. Of course, it does and a great marriage between the parents is central to a great family. We read about the successful careers, and what money can buy, but success and happiness must begin with happiness within your marriage. The marriage will die if no one pays attention to the serious duties of keeping the sparks flying.

A marriage cannot be put on hold until the children get through school, your career takes a different path, or for any other reason. A solid marriage takes effort on both participants to keep building love, strength, and excitement. This often becomes a failing point within the family. It does not start out intentional; however, this is very often, why marriages fail for one reason or the other.

It does not matter which partner it is, both should be interested ‘always’ in what is going on in the life of their spouse. Not all, but very often women forget to stay healthy, in shape, and care less about how the look after they have won the prize. This is not fair game for either, or and one of the most important steps in keeping each partner not only interested but it helps to keep the excitement flowing. The latter being one very important part of a good marriage.

Alone time is important, a dinner out, a walk in nature, a picnic in the park, or anything that will bring out the inward excitement that often fades with time.

If your theory is love conquers all, you may be in for a rude awakening. Ladies, men need you to look your best, pay attention to their kindness, and make them feel special at every age. Men, women need you to be shrewd, tender, kind, respectful, and complimentary at every age.  

A gentle hug and kiss each day is worth a million words to most women. Men often forget that in-between private times are special to a woman. Actually, it does not matter who initiates the process, just so it happens. This also sends a great message to children that their parents are loving and kind. If children see the flow of tenderness, they will often follow suit by showing kindness and tenderness.

Jog Your Memory and Revive The Happiness When Two Hearts Were Joined   

If you are having a hard time getting the romantic back and feeling like you did in the beginning, well it is a natural delayed response to being married awhile. However, the love has not died; you have died into habits that are consistent with losing the sparkle of joy, presence, and excitement. Here are a few things that just might stir up your memory.

Remember when:

  • You first held hands.
  • You had that first kiss.
  • You felt shy about telling him or her that you were in love.
  • You could not wait to see him or her again.
  • You thought he or she was the most handsome or beautiful person alive.
  • You realized that this person had all of the qualities you were looking for.
  • You realized that this person was the kind of person that made you want to spend the rest of your life trying to please.

What do your memories tell you?

Do they tell you that you have concerns with your spouse, and if you are having some thought about why you may not feel the excitement now? If so, it is time to have a loving conversation. Too often, conversations do not happen enough in marriage and very often couples grow quiet for prolonged times just passing and touching shoulders on the way in or out.

Happiness come from within and your marriage should always be a priority. Keeping it blooming with adoration, understanding, and consideration for what one or the other might be going through is essential as well. It is important not to forget that time does change us in many ways. However, it will not change love unless you allow it to.

With people entering into marriage older now, there appears to less conflicts within maturity than it used to be when couples were married very young. They often date longer, and know a person better.

Words matter, saying will you please do this or that, and thank you leaves a sweet savor with the message to the other person. Letting either or know you will be late for dinner, keeping in touch regardless of what the day entails. Little things mean a lot and are important to keeping happiness within your marriage.

Children can freshen up for dinner in their rooms. Set the music to something joyful for the entire family.

Keep the home happy. Make it a fun place to be, cared for and in order. Make it a happy place to come after a long day. Have a quiet time before dinner to unwind without a lot of chaos. Talk about the good in your day and be happy for a lifetime.♥

Think on happiness….get the Happiness Bug!

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P. S.  No one can bring you happiness, if you are not happy with yourself.  Get the Bug…..Bug Pixabay

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