Happiness Darkest -Clickr CC lICENSE“Happiness is the greatest paradox in nature. It can grow in any soil, live under any conditions.  It defies environment.  It comes from within.”  William George Jordan

What is this profound way that a person can be happy without having the success of wealth or fame?  If this is true, then why am I not happy with what I do have? This could be your question, and if so, your understanding of happiness may be a little out of balance.

It could be that you do not see that you have plenty to be happy about, but are mistakenly, looking for the wrong things, in the wrong places and do not know what true “happiness” is. Here is one version of what happiness is, from one point of view.   Happiness8

Wealth, success or fame as we know it, does not always bring happiness to anyone. It is actually two different things. Happiness is a place where one is at peace in their mind, body and soul. Outside circumstance do not affect your ability to be happy within yourself. Psychology and self-help materials gives the definition, that happiness comes from within a person and how they feel about themselves.

The above quote is awesome. I found this in a book given to me by a friend.  Treasury of Joy and Enthusiasm down to earth reasoning that explains joy, peace, tranquility, happiness and much more.  The inspiration in this book is that is it real life examples, real people and those who are not celebrities.

I have also read the “Power of Intention,” by Dr. Wayne Dyer.  This book reflects upon how we think.  If we let our mind think on unhappy things, they will be more predominate within us. If we let those things drift to the back of our mind, they will be less important.


When looking around at others, you have probably seen people who had very little earthly things yet they were happy.  You see their positive smiles, their emotional health along with their ability to mix well with others, and you wonder why, or how.  Then we have been in the presence of individuals who had substantial assets, and/or worldly good, not lacking anything that pertains to money, they are miserable. If you watch the news and the so called famous; you can see so much boredom and misery and many can’t stay out of trouble.  This is especially true for the young ones, who are totally messed up by their popularity.

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The people that have little earthly goods and are happy are those who have decided that life is too short to go around with their heads down and complaining constantly about their life and how bad it is. They get up go to work every day, pay their bills, eat the food their income allows, and they exercise their brain by reading and dwelling on their many blessings. Oh yes, blessings with a capital B. They keep their body in shape with exercise, their blood pressure low, and their heart rate is normal.  Simply because they are not worrying for one measly second about how Mr. Jones across the street can have four cars and the largest house in the subdivision.

HappyHappiness: satisfaction, cheer, content, exuberance, hope, gladness, laughter, optimism, enjoyment, pleasure, well-being, peace of mind. To mention only a few things that describes happiness.

Have you read anywhere in print that happiness is “success,” “money,” or “wealth”?  I have not and if it were in print, someone is badly fooled.

Satisfaction: If we learn to be satisfied and thankful with what we have been blessed with, we will probably get to a better state of peace, and actually gain more in the process. If we are not satisfied with what we have then it is up to us to find a constructive way to have whatever it is that we need, or think we must have. Only then, when you gain what you think you need; you may find out that it was not exactly what you needed after all.  If one can’t do the latter then they should in fact; accept and be satisfied with where they are and with what they have.

Cheer: Cheerful people are a blessing to be around. They draw other people to them and usually make others feel cheerful also. Does it mean that everything is hunky doo all the time? No, but it makes life more livable in the present.

Contentment: Contentment is being comfortable where you are. This can mean a clean bed to sleep in, with a set of sheets to change it when necessary. They have water to flush the toilet, cheese and cracker for bedtime snack and they sleep well because they do not have a ton of bills for buying things they didn’t need to begin with? They have the necessities and they employ a strong desire to be content with the necessities.

Exuberance: They have energy about their life in general, they are excited to be alive and healthy and know that it takes enthusiasm to make each day work as it should.

Hope: “Without Hope We Perish”…the Bible. They keep their hope, but do not expect anything out of the ordinary over and above what they need.  There is nothing wrong with achievement, and there is nothing wrong with dreams.  What is important is that you do not let these things take over your life.

Gladness: They possess appreciation and cheer for their blessings with a certain joy for daily health, job, peace and contentment.


Laughter: “Laughter doth good like a medicine” the Bible. Instead of crying about the little petty things that can drag them down, they laugh about it.  Laughing at oneself gives power over any defeat. Laughing at a blunder is taking control of the mistakes and the mistake does not take control of the person. When is the last time you laughed at yourself, or just laughed?

Optimism: there is absolutely nothing worse than a pessimist. Optimism is what keeps us from breaking down emotionally when negative things seem to be out numbering the positive. When we constantly tell ourselves we are happy, our un-conscious mind will help us to become happy, or at least feel relief. When we view the brighter side of things or have a more favorable solution in our mind; that can come to fruition if we hold it there long enough. The positive side will always help you sleep better than the negative.

Enjoyment and pleasure: People who know what happiness is, usually concentrates on family first.  This is where their most pleasure and enjoyment begins, this is what makes them want to get up and go to that job tomorrow.

Well Being: similar to satisfaction, contentment, and gratification. They are full of contentment and they are thankful for what they have already. They are content with their life because they know they are putting first things first and they are grateful for what they have, but more grateful for whom their values. Satisfaction, contentment and gratification, they are not always looking for something new to make them feel better or happy, they are happy where they are.

Peace of Mind: they possess calmness, comfort, tranquility, patience, repose, restraint, quiet, silence, serenity, and “MENTAL FREEDOM”.

The latter says it all and actually starts and concludes the principals of happiness. Not once does any of this include money, wealth or fame. It is about obtaining the ability to find peace and contentment where you are, and with what you are doing. If you are not happy or at peace with where you are, then your first step is in knowing why and what can you do about it. What is it that is making you “think” you are not successful or happy?  You just might find out that you really have no reason whatsoever to think you are unhappy.

If one can produce these attributes in their life, they will have a mental freedom and be blessed with the ability and power to know that happiness is something that comes from within and is created by living life in a way that is appropriate just for them, and not another.

“Success is not happiness, happiness is not success, it is by finding happiness that we become successful.”.

“We cannot look around us, above us, beneath us to find happiness…it is when we look within and learn to love ourselves that we reach our full potential and find the happiness that was already there.”   From: Joy and Enthusiasm 



P. S.  Don’t forget to tell us how you feel about happiness, or anything else. No, I have not always been a happy person all my life, not many people have, but I keep reading, praying and working as I know that happiness comes from within.

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