How Do You Want To Be Perceived

Most of us know someone whom we have admired because they act a certain way or present them-self admirably. They either have an attractive trait, demeanor, and appear to have it all under control. When we think about it, we all have an ability to standout to others, and whether we have thought about it or not; we do, one way or the other.

Having acknowledged the above, we do not want to forget that every woman, friend, acquaintance, has very different circumstance within their life. A lot of times it is those circumstances that glisten, rather than what might be more appropriate, or how that person really is. We must remember there is no bubble.

If we each look at our life backwards, most of us would change a few of our actions, reactions, and responses. I would definitely love this opportunity, however we should not look back, but forward to change the way we master life and life-things.

So, how do you want to be perceived? It could be that you do not care how you are perceived. That is everyone’s choice, however, most of us want to be viewed as someone who is exceptional or outstanding. However, perception is in the eye of the beholder, as in beauty. Also, it is truth versus perception.

When we are striving to conquer something important within our life, it is not as simple as; “how am I being perceived?”  We are all human, we sometimes want to close the door, and say no entrance. If we want to be perceived in a good way, we must learn to perceive others with a permission to be human.

The Workplace Perception

Having worked with a lot of different personalities, I can vouch that a person is very often misunderstood no matter what they do, in the workplace. However, most companies now look for someone who is emotionally strong for leaders. Someone who can lead without being bossy.

They interview for a leader, not a boss or manager. They want someone who can relate to their staff with the ability to look at individual needs, aspirations, talents and help them to succeed. Companies now know that a boss will not motivate the staff as readily as someone who is confident within their own ability, and do not need self praise.

A leader is easy to follow as they come across as one of the team. They control their emotions of over-reacting, blaming, criticizing, or re-buffing. They take the responsibility for the team. Leaders know they have the responsibility to bring out the qualities of each employee to generate the end results needed.

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General Perception

If you have ever gotten into a crowded elevator with someone who is eating their breakfast on the fly while getting to the office. You smell the smell, the chewing is loud, and the coffee is spilled. To say the least, our perception is somewhat guided by their actions.This one is easy not to do, however we must realize that we do not know what that person dealt with before leaving home. It could be they overslept. Smile!

What our actions, and reactions are is how we are perceived. If we are noisy, we are perceived that way. If we do not listen to other people when they talk to us, it is noticed. If we talk about ourselves constantly, and it is all about us; it is perceived as selfish. If someone is never on time it is noticed. When a person has to always be right; it is perceived in an undesirable action.

This is how most of us would love to be perceived:

  • When we walk into a room, we want to see people’s faces light up with a smile, and a greeting of excitement to see us.

Why? Because this means we have left a great impression upon someone by our actions. It means that their impression has lingered and has not been lost or forgotten. It means we have given that person something they are impressed by.

  • When we gather with friends, we compliment, encourage, lift up and listen.

Why? I have learned that one must sometimes hide their feelings,even with friends. They must speak about the good, rather than the uncomfortable things in life. We learn that by being positive with our friends, it helps them to grow and their impression or perception of us is love ever-flowing.

  • When we walk into a presentation at work we are poised, friendly and confident.

Why? Learning to be prepared for all things is the key to success. People listen better, and learn more proficiently when they know, we know our game. It doesn’t matter what we know, it is how we present it, articulate it, and that is how others are influenced by that knowledge.

  • When we speak we speak with clarity, knowledge, and self-confidence.

Why? If we are not self confident, it will show and it will flow over. If we mumble, stumble, and scatter our words, it appears we do not know what we are talking about. Being a speaker is not everyone’s cup of tea. Being in front of a crowd is not for everyone. It is a fear that some people must overcome to be a successful speaker. To be honest, I can write better than I can speak. At least I think so. I get nervous, and it doesn’t matter what I know, I just cannot seem to get it out, like I know it. Honest confession is good for the soul. I know a lot of people has the same fear. However, when we know what we are speaking about and feel successful ourselves, it will articulate better to others.

  • When we are mingling with other people, we do not have favorites, we include everyone.

Why? Because it makes us accessible, it means we can learn something new from all people within our reach. Not anyone has all of the answers to life. The beggar on the street gives us inspiration. No? Yes, because it helps us to know we have something to be thankful for and besides that; he could be very intelligent, but somehow lost his way.

In closing:

There are many other qualities such as being known for our intelligence, our integrity, our ability to conquer, our ability to rise above criticism, and many other lasting impressions and perceptions. Too many to address in this post. Here today we address those perceptions that we sometimes forget about.

I am hoping that you get something positive from this post and it is just to remind us that we are perceived, not only by how we act or react, but also how we perceive other people.




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