Smart Women3Smart women are found within all walks of life. A woman does not need to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company in order to be considered intelligent. All it takes for a smart woman to develop true intelligence is an open mind, a willingness to listen to others and the proper balance between work and life.


Intelligent women come in many different shapes and sizes, as well as varied backgrounds. Smart women use these backgrounds and their experiences to shape their journey. They pursue their true desires and passions. Smart women become ideal leaders by combining their smarts and desires to generate new ideas that change the marketplace dramatically.

One of the primary reasons why smart women become such strong, ideal leaders is their commitment to their principles. No one is able to ascend the ladder, whether it is in the corporate world or otherwise, unless they have a strict set of principles that they are willing to adhere to.

Influence2Becoming a leader does not happen overnight and having strong principles allow a smart woman to persevere when times get hard. Strong principles help to build a strong will, which is necessary when self-doubt begins to set in and the task at hand seems to be impossible.

Every female leader must begin her journey somewhere.  The common thread among smart women who become ideal leaders is their ability to find their own niche, develop a sustainable plan to reach their goals and the mental fortitude to withstand the pitfalls that emerge along the way.

A smart woman wishing to ascend to a leadership role must have courage. The best leaders are those who are fearless and do not kowtow to societal perceptions. A woman who is courageous not only challenges herself, but she also challenges those around her to become better.

This is the true mark of an ideal leader. A leader does not think about what is best for them; they thoughtfully consider what is best for the entire group. The most ideal female leaders are those who can key in on the weaknesses and strengths of the people they surround themselves with; minimizing the former, while maximizing the latter.

It is also important to realize that everyone’s definition of success varies greatly. While some women may wish to ascend to a position of power and leadership, others may be more comfortable in a different role. Ideal leadership is about pinpointing those who have a capacity for leadership, while utilizing the abilities of those who do not.

Risk tasking is also another crucial element in the rise of smart women. The most ideal leaders not only know how to take risks in a calculated manner, but they are able to read situations, and know when the right time is to take them. No woman has ever gotten ahead by playing it safe and sometimes it is necessary to swing for the fences in order to get where you are trying to go.

Making big bets, while also remaining cautious, is the hallmark of an ideal leader. Smart leaders know when to push their chips to the middle of the table and aim for the big score.  They position themselves to absorb any potential losses. Intelligent leadership is about only risking what you know you can afford to lose.

einsteinquoteBright leaders focus on specific tasks and do not allow themselves to become stretched too thin. Smart women are well aware of the dangers associated with burning the candle at both ends. They spend their time on areas that are most crucial, instead of having their hands in everything.

They are able to delegate duties, because they have an inherent trust in the people they have chosen to surround themselves with. A good leader is willing to do whatever it takes to advance their cause, a great one shares the workload with other talented, intelligent people on their staff.

Only an insecure leader surrounds themselves with people who are less intelligent than them. Smart women who want to become ideal leaders are also skilled at selecting employees and associates who hail from a variety of different socioeconomic, educational and racial backgrounds. This allows them to garner unique perspectives and make decisions based on the consensus of group.

Intelligent women have more opportunities than ever to ascend into a leadership role. By surrounding herself with the proper people and possessing the correct characteristics, a woman can climb to heights that were previously difficult to even imagine. Forget about the sky being the limit, a smart woman who wishes to develop into an ideal leader now has no ceilings!

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