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Sometimes women forget that makeup is a vital part of looking fabulous when walking out the door to work, play or to the grocery. After all you do not know who you might see. There are some things in the videos on this page about how to apply makeup; that I am sure I have failed to do.


Like this………your makeup makes ALL OF THE DIFFERENCE IN HOW WE LOOK.









How well you apply your makeup, will determine the finished look. Applying makeup professionally is an art.  Only a professional can give you the best solutions,  but I have put together some helpful hints and these videos from the artist that known their trade.

We learn with time how to apply makeup that is right for us, and experimenting is part of the final regimen we decide upon.  Here are the videos to gives you some secrets to a pure facial application for how to apply makeup-



For younger women:



For more Mature Skin:

This is how to apply makeup; for all  skin types:

  • start with a freshly cleaned face – view this page for recommendations
  • apply concealer before makeup
  • use light concealer under the eyes for darkness
  • use concealer under the eyes for bags which sometimes develop when you have not slept well or for a sufficient number of hours
  • use eyeliner that does not run –  If you are allergic to eyeliner; it will run regardless, this is when you should buy a non-allergic brand
  • use a foundation that matches your skin color; there is nothing worse than to see a round circle of much darker makeup on a beautiful face
  • eye shadow should be what looks good on you – for professional dress, make up should be conservative.  Mild or moderate everything looks best. I have found that using brown eye shadow, which matches my eye color looks best for me.  Especially with browns, blues, yellow, rust, etc.  A very light mild grey or black looks more professional than a jet black.

Concealers – I have used some of these brand names myself and what I like about these products is that they reduce redness, give lift to the under eye and with non scented effects for some. Number one is makeup with concealer.

Get Rid Of Wrinkles Naturally

I use this makeup which is 3 in 1, and is not expensive, it has concealer, and cover. So far no issues, I also use a lighter concealer with the makeup.

, Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation

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Linda Todd

P. S.  Some people have no flaws to hide; others do.  How to apply makeup is a trick in some instances; but you probably can give us a few tricks that you use to make our face look flawless also.  Tell us about your regimen.

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