Creating your own wealth is something that eludes countless millions of people. The reason is they are missing the main elements that make it possible. Many are spending most of their time chasing that ever-elusive get-rich-quick scheme so they can bypass the real way of creating wealth.

To create wealth you first have to earn it. Once you get a steady and substantial source of income, you have to grow that gap between what you bring in and what you spend. Then you have to learn how to create passive income through investing. These are the basic components of creating wealth. While they can be written out her in less than a paragraph, they are much harder to implement and carry out in real life.


  • Step One – It takes time to create wealth. So as far as the first step goes, you need to find something that enables you to ‘make’ it. This has to be something you enjoy and can spend years working at without stress and feeling like you’re in bondage. You want something that holds your interests and challenges you day in and day out. That’s because you need to be able to do this for a long time.
  • Step Two – Once you have established what it is you want to do and are bringing in a substantial income, then it’s time to increase the gap between what you’re bringing in and what goes out. That means learning the difference between ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ and getting into the habit of saving more and spending less. It takes some discipline to get into the ‘good’ habits, but it is done all the time and you can do it too.
  • Step Three – The third thing to do is to learn how to invest your money wisely to create passive income. Look into a 401k where your dollars can be matched. There are many opportunities out there but many of them are too risky. It’s up to you to do your homework and find the kind of investment that you can depend on. Remember, you are going to be spending years doing this, so the better you are at it, the fewer years that will be for building your wealth.

Today you commonly hear about multiple streams of income. If you can do this without burning yourself out, it is a huge boost to your income. It also adds a bit of protection against the way things come and go in our fast-paced Internet world today (not having all your eggs in one basket). The goal is to bring in enough to pay the bills, have a bit of fun, and save enough as well.

Little things like cutting coupons and when you can simply ‘doing without’ some things can really add up over time. People fail to realize how quickly the little things add up.

Be Creative – Now that you’re making enough money, create a budget that will work for you. There are financial software packages available that can help you do it. If you don’t want to use one of those, then your checkbook will work just fine. You just need a way to categorize your expenditures so you will be aware of how much you’re spending at all times.

One excellent example of saving is to grow a small garden. Not only is it peaceful, relaxing, and personally rewarding, but it can save you a mint on grocery bills. Be creative and innovative in your saving tactics. However you decide to save, make the necessary adjustments and build your wealth cushion.

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