How To Keep Your Home Sparkling Clean

There is nothing more frustrating for a woman, mother, or single woman than to come home each night to a home that does not smell good, look refreshed, and needs to be cleaned. With almost every woman, there is just so much you can do in one day. There is not enough hours in every day to refresh every room of the house.  We have some thoughts on how to accomplish keeping you home sparking with a schedule.

It is almost impossible to make dinner, and clean up the mess, help the kids with their homework, get baths, and get to bed and clean house too. Every one of us can vouch that it is not an easy task.

Here are some rules of thumb however for scheduling day to clean:

  1. It would be good to make a chart for yourself as to which room of the house first needs attention on Monday, and then another room each day of the week, thereafter. Sounding crazy as it may, this beats trying to clean, refresh, and get every room sparkling every day. For those who have a housekeeper, this of course is not concern.  However, most know there are two places in the house that needs just some minor touches each day. Those are the kitchen and bath. These small touches on a daily basis are not as hard.
  2. Up next, learn which cleaning supplies you can buy that will help you do the best job with one application and with the least amount of trouble. **I am going to give you some hints on what I have found for these later in the post.
  3. If the number two person in the house is not busy, not exhausted, not involved in being too good to help; solicit help. If you are letting yourself be the all in one person and someone else is just taking advantage of that, stop it! The world we live in today states that we are equal. I know, some men, fathers, and almost grown children have been too spoiled. It is time for them to shape up, or you to sit down, and rest awhile.
  4. It is time to teach your children, (and/or other half) about “real” life. Some parents do not agree with this type of parenting. However, when will they learn, whom will they learn from, and what if later they refuse to change their habits from being spoiled. Children should learn to clean their own rooms to a certain degree, depending upon how old they are. Washing dishes or (putting them in the dishwasher, is easy). We realize that not all circumstances are the same.
  5. With your list of rooms, such as the bedroom, make a date to change the bed linens on one particular day of your cleaning. That way you have the bed changing on alternate days and are not as pushed to get it all done on Saturday, or Sunday.
  6. You can also do your laundry the same way. You can do the laundry for each section of the house/room on the day set aside to clean.

Everyone has his or her favorite cleaning supplies, however often if we do not know about something we can be missing out. In the list below, I have added Awesome. I knew nothing about this very reasonably priced product. Someone told me about it. It is concentrated and needs to be diluted, and can be used for stains on clothing, cleaning and more. Recently I found out that will also work on ground in mold, with the green stuff on brick, which often appears at the foundation of your home. It works.



Suggestions For Cleaning Your Bathroom & Floors











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