professional-womenMost companies do not want to talk about the issue of income inequality for women. You and I know why and the reasons are not good enough.

I saw a new report that still inflicts the sad truth that income inequality still exist for women in our Nation.  In my thoughts that is discrimination and should not exist.  Since we have discrimination laws why is this still so common, and this is why I am writing about income inequality still exist for women.

It infuriates me and I want to say that in our government –discrimination laws are lacking something or the laws are not being followed.  I do not see how this issue is ignored.  Women deserve income equal to the men in the same position, with the same education, and/or experience regardless.

MSN reported the 10 best-paying cities for women.  The highest medium salary in these 10 states was listed as $56000 in San Jose, CA.  All other 9 states were less; most in the 45 (+-) K range.

I know quite a few women who make a good salaries in mortgage banking, and it did not appear to me that there was a lot of income inequality.  There are some jobs of course, that dictate higher salaries due to the excessive analysis, and job responsibility that some jobs require.

For instance; a mortgage loan underwriter does an assessment of the borrower’s financials to include credit, income, debt load, assets and the property evaluation.  Making sound decisions is important when a loan does not meet all of the standard investor guidelines.  It carries personal liability within the company, due to default that can occur for many reasons, or issues that may appear after the loan has closed. Making sure a borrower has stable employment is one of those and analyzing the property appraisal to make sure it supports the loan amount is another.

I have worked the majority of my career in mortgage banking in Memphis, TN.   I have traveled from one side of the US to the other, when performing due diligence in mortgage lending, auditing many lenders/banks mortgage loans to sell to the agencies (Fannie, Freddie, and Sallie Mae).  It is beyond me that NY is listed with an average salary of $47,600. with Washington, D.C. coming in at $55,500. I do realize there is a diverse mixture of careers and jobs that this average salary is derived from.

With the above said;  I cannot believe that the average male salary is only what is listed above, and especially in NY and D.C.

This may surprise you that a Mississippi born individual (we are sometimes stereotyped in the South; oh, I forgot Oprah has about $2.9b) has made more than the average salary of the USA.  My highest salary came when I transferred from Memphis to a small town in MS, and began originating mortgage loans, i.e. mortgage loan officer.  I have been blessed in my career according to this report.  I am shocked that the above figures and that income inequality still exist for women.

I am not boasting by any means or being arrogant.  I believe that income inequality should not still be in America. All women should exploit their concerns to make them known on these issues.

When a woman has the education, experience, and has shown the ability to succeed; while working for a firm or any business; it should be the company policy to give her the salary that matches her male counterpart.  We know there are women executives who make a tremendous amount of income, but there are far less than it should be.

This gets me fired up!!!!  Women work hard, they pay attention to detail and they strive for excellence in any work place.  They deserve recognition, and it is a shame that income inequality still exist for women.


P. S.  Let me know how you feel about this and some of your thoughts.  Stand up for yourself and get what you deserve!!!  Oh, I do know how the corporate world treats women sometimes and that getting what you deserve is not always a possibility.  It should be!



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