Ineffective Leadership
Ineffective Leadership gives out feelings of the above. “The best leadership skills in the workplace; is to know your place.” lct

There should never be a play for power in leadership within a company or corporation. On the same concept, there should never be a play of favorites, competing, manipulation, or exploiting arrogance in leadership. If there is, someone is creating sabotage for himself or herself, and the company. If this does exist, the reason is the people in power are lacking competence, integrity, and are imbalanced and have ineffective leadership.

Let us backtrack just a moment, and conclude that this does exist. Signs of impaired leadership should be dealt with, as with any insubordinate employee. These issues are actually signs of insecurity within the individual and they are lacking emotional intelligence, leadership ability, and quality.


The above is a blunt statement; however, this observation exists in the world we live in. If you have worked with someone who for some reason has not applied integrity to his or her leadership, you will agree this behavior is unfit to lead.

This should never be a part of a woman or man’s work ethics. If an individual is trying to get attention, this is one way to get it. Everyone is going to notice the unacceptable behavior, except possibly upper management.

Competition, creating chaos, and trying to create authority for one’s self is a grammar school project. This kind of behavior should be in the sports world, where competition is ordered, or to when a real contest has in listed on the chart in the work place. It is non-productive, and it will cause faux pas.

How to Survive Ineffective Leadership

•Keep yourself occupied with work, do your job, and pretend it does not affect you, learn whatever is deemed necessary, and do a great job.
• If the behavior is directed toward you only, then it is a personal issue between the two of you. You may possibly find out what the deficiency is and work to make it go away. You may not can, this is when one must demonstrate sustainability and courage whatever the outcome is.
• If the behavior has been consistent with other employees, the leader is lacking leadership quality, and integrity. If the upper leadership is in denial, and ignoring the credibility issues of that leader, you may be stranded. An employee facing this everyday must realize that stress can cause illness, and determine if the stress is too high.
• Try not to gossip about the manager, if the next level of leadership supports the manager, all you can do is make the best of it or leave.

The outcome of a situation like this depends upon how middle management views the issue, the individual in question, and how well their ability is conceived by others. If this person is in a low-level of management, it can mean that middle management may confront the issue. However, they may not.

The highest level of management normally gives lead to the next in line; they do not deal with employee issues on a daily basis. They run the company, and expect the next in line to take care of personnel issues. Their faith in the integrity of the individual they have hired plays a role in the perception of the decisions made.

What Goes Wrong When There Is Ineffective Leadership

First, if they are allowing ineffective leadership within the company, the company as a whole is lacking in integrity, and management ability. From the top to the bottom, there is a need for employee relations, and personal ethics. This happens, it is sad, and it will affect the company as a whole at some point.

Middle management should be the one to wake up, and step into the position she or he, has been privileged to obtain.

As they say, all is well that ends well, however it can be a tough ride.

What Can We Learn From This

1.There is no place in any organization for a person who cannot allow others to contribute their prior work experience, and knowledge.

2. Management is a privilege that must be regarded as a position to encourage, develop, train, listen to, acknowledge, and promote those who work with them.

3. Management should not be a dictatorship, and each level should have policies in place for when someone steps out of those bounds.

4. All companies and many do now have strict guidelines for hiring leaders within their operation. More and more companies have found that hiring the right people upfront with qualifications other than just experience, and intellectual ability. They are now focusing on an individual’s ability to manage other people, their proven emotional intelligence, and their people skills.

 5. All companies should have a suggestion box where employees feel free to voice their sometimes-inappropriate treatment without being judged or criticized.

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