Inspiration For Older Women
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There is nothing more defining than for older women who let their life shine after everyone else seems to think it is over.

They are living their years without letting other people tell them they are too old, and too tired. Inspiration for older women comes when they see others just like them getting a new lease on life. They have a significant new plan for to live by and it is to keep going. They are showing the world that life can be great at any age.

If you think, I am kidding, look at one lady who is still going strong, Betty White. She has staying power and does not give a flip about what anyone else thinks. Hooray for Betty and other just like her.

It is time for the older woman to jump to their feet and tell the world that life still exists after 50. There are still feelings of love, appreciation, exercising the mind and the need for love. Age does not stop the normal activities of life. If every individual regardless of age, did all of the necessary and prudent recommendation for a life well lived, age would begin to be of less importance.

The facts are, we know with age our normal activities start to be more important to us, we have learned how important it is to make the right decisions, increasing our mind activity and body exercise.  It is much easier to know what we need, instead of what we want. We have learned a few things. Those few things mean we are less likely to stumble upon a snake in the grass, take a forbidden journey, or foolishly buy the store out.

Older woman have found that grace with sustain them. Courage is a feature of the non-stoppable woman who dares those who watch, to say a word. She really does not care if they do, and she just might not hear them anyway and keeps on with her strut. These things do not matter the most anymore.

What do the women who have endured getting older share in personality and traits?

  • A love for life, and a willingness to live it with every thread in their body.
  • They fully know how to be themselves, without asking permission.
  • Good thoughts are prominent as there is no time for bad or weak thoughts.
  • They draw upon inspiration, from reading, learning something new, believing in the impossible, a lot of prayer, and faith.
  • Yesterday thoughts are gone, and tomorrow’s thoughts do not exist, their mind is fixed upon” what will I do today that is greater than yesterday.”

Secrets That Keep You Mind Young

  • Dwell only on the good stuff.
  • Never believe that your way is the only just because you are older.
  • Explore the younger options to see if they work as well as the older.
  • Gain new insights.
  • Give good advice; take a little yourself just for the taking.
  • Keep your heart open, your head up, and you mind exercised.
  • Dreams do not stop with age; never settle for anything less than what you desire. It is amazing what an older mind can bring to fruition.
  • Enjoy what being older bring with it; let other pamper you, you deserve a payback.
  • Write your own autobiography.
  • Live your life as if there is no end.

Inspiration flows to others by the continuation and strong willed individual who will dare not stop because of age, handicap, or the fact they are left alone. When you ask most individuals who they admire the most their first answer is their mom. There is no one like our mom who has loved us through thick and thin, the good, the bad or the ugly. She surpasses any other individual. She was strong when she needed to be, tough at the right time, and loving when she knew love was the answer.

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Beauty is not only for the young woman who has all of the right features. Beauty shines when an individual has that glow of self-approval, approval for their fellow man, and a smile that is genuine. Beauty has no pretense. It actually has no set of rules. It is just something you not only see but also feel when you know that one’s heart is that of perfect harmony with their life.

A list of Inspirational Older Women Who Defied Age

Grandma Moses– This woman started painting at the age of 76 when arthritis would not allow her to do embroidery any longer. She was a success and became somewhat of a celebrity at the age of 101. According to Business Insider, in 2007 one of her paintings sold for $1.2 million.

Susan Boyle was 48 when she sang her heart out with the ease of blowing a kiss. She sang like an angel during “Britain’s Got Talent,” and it will never be forgotten or the end of her talent. The video brings chills and tears when you see the lovely person who had taken care of her family prior to the time she sang on the show. Her success was that of great magnitude with her voice of great strength.

Helen Mirren– Actress…this woman is still going strong as a leading actor, and does not let being over 60 monopolize her life one bit. In 2011, she had the title of best body of the year, and in 2010 posed nude for New York Magazine according to She is the daring child.

Christy Brinkley– She is a business owner, model, and has many other titles. Her age of 61 is not an issue and she has come out recently with a face cream to help others with their skin care. She is actually more beautiful now than ever.

Betty White- No one needs an introduction to this ever glowing and masterful woman. She is over 90 years old and still going, make jokes and laughing till her sides hurt. She is truly inspiration and will remain in the heart of us forever.

The list goes on ladies, if this is not enough to get you off the couch and going, let me know and I will give you another push.


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