Start Anywhere, Just Do It!
Start Anywhere, Just Do It!

If you need a place to start something, anything, start where you are right now, this minute, just do it! Start what, may be your question and the answer is one only you can give. Just do it! Take the inspiration from your soul and do it!

A hint might be what you have wanted or dreamed about all of your life. However, you have put it off for one reason or the other, made excuses and then grumbled that your desires have never come true.

If you need encouragement from someone, anyone, I am giving you the encouragement right now.  Believe in yourself! You can do it, you can be it, and you can apply your knowledge to make it happen. Just do it!

If you are having doubts, close your eyes and simply say, I can do this and I will, let me focus on exactly what I need to do. Just do it!

If you want to make your dreams come true, and have read every book that has told you exactly how to do it, and still are asking questions, stop. Just do it!

If you cannot seem to find the ultimate power to press forward and want to be more assured, realize that you will never feel complete until you do it. Just do it!

If you are seeking approval from someone else, you will usually not get it from your friends, family, or foes. It will often be a stranger who has found your hard work to be astonishing. Approve of yourself. Just do it!

Other people can tell you how to do most anything you may want to do. They can either tell you how they or someone else did it, but not how you can do it. You must just do it!

If you are lacking the proper education for this thing you want to do, you should know that there is no one who can get this for you. Just do it!

If you are lacking skills to write a book, search online, read, study, have faith and pray. Just do it!

Excuses are not acceptable when you have desire, courage, and faith, and can learn. Just do it!

If your regular duties are too heavy, put aside the least important. Make the time and just do it!

If you are spending too much of your day reading about how everyone else has made their dreams come true, it is time to read less and just do it.

If you are waiting for the bells to start ringing, forget it. Just do it!

Bells Do Not Always Ring! Pixabay
Bells Do Not Always Ring!

If you want to be someone who is enlightened, be informed, aware, reasonable, liberal, educated, sophisticated, refined, cultivated, open-minded, knowledgeable, literate, and broad-minded. Just do it!

If you are seeking for success over and above what someone else has had, you are wasting precious time. You are dwelling on what someone else has done and you are trying to exceed him or her. You are being foolish, impaired, too competitive, and certainly not enlightened. Just do it!

If you want to make a statement in your life, leave it to nature. Make sure it is because you have done something right. Never let it occur to prove your monetary value, or show foolish pride. Just do it!

If you are worrying about criticism, please forget it. Criticism is what people do when they are doing nothing for themselves. What difference does it make? Not any because if you are doing all the things which are right and just from your heart and soul. It just does not matter. Just do it!

If you have failed too many times to count, remember that you only know about your failures. People fail then try again. Remember Thomas Edison, the light bulb man, how many times did he start over? Starting again is courage, shows your strength and that inner power to persevere.

If you desire something from another individual, step back and determine if they have what you need to give. It may not be there and if it is not you are wasting your precious time. Move on! Just do it!

If you need to forgive someone, anyone, and this is your first step toward freedom. Does not matter who was right or wrong, who was in charge, or who needs to forgive even. It is only hurting you at this point and the power will not rise in you until you do it. Forgiveness is essential to letting go and moving on. Just do it!

If you think that everyone should like you, forget it. Not everybody is going to like you or be your best friend or even acquaintance. It is their problem not yours. Realize this now; do not let this take you down with disappointment. Just do it!

REAL - Pixabay

Remember that no one is an island. Life happens to everyone. You get up in the morning, fill your day with thanksgiving, smile at someone, and let your happy shine for what you have learned along the way.

It is actually somewhat simple, even when your heart is broken for one reason or the other. Be genuine, be good, be courageous, be strong, strive, be compassionate, be patient, be long-suffering, love, share, and lend. Look within and find your inner greatness.  Be humble and always have faith.

You do not want to rise above the natural; you only need to rise to your God given and full potential. Remember all these things, and “Just do it!”

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