123What makes a woman most attractive?  Is it her beauty, how she walks, her conversation or her intelligence?

No, I am not the opposite sex, or a therapist, but yes, I have lived a few years, watched a few people and observed their actions, and reactions.  Their actions; meaning men and women, in professional situations and I have learned that most men are easily attracted to independent, strong, and confident women.

It is not the clothes a woman wears, how beautiful she is, (not always), or who she is.  Men who are confident themselves; most of the time, want that in a woman.  It is more about how she presents herself around other people, and her interactions with men and women.

Her intelligence, her emotional intelligence, and her genuine ability to be herself seems to be what gets a man’s attention more than how beautiful she is.  Men love confidence!  Who wants a fake anyway?

With that said; if a woman is confident in whom she is, she will know how to dress, how not to dress, and how to be herself without the drama of trying to be someone, or something she isn’t; to make an impression.

How say you?

Let’s keep reading….

I am sure that you have read about George Clooney’s girlfriend; about to be wife.  She turned him down the first time he asked her out.  She wasn’t all over him and let him know right away by her actions, that she was in control; not he.  It gets them every time because they have to find out what makes her tick.

I do not care to write about celebrities, but there are commoners who are called the most eligible bachelor also.  Some men are way too confident; they think all they have to do is blink or wink, and that will get the girl every time.   Too often it does, but then there are some smart ladies out there who know the difference in the aggressive; have a good time guy, and the real deal.  Eventually; they learn to ignore too many compliments.

professional-womenHere is my take on what happens to some women, sometimes-  But successful women think differently.

Too often women become infatuated with a man’s position or wealth, and too often their looks.  There is nothing wrong with good looks, but not all handsome people are good people; you just have to find the ‘real’ person inside.

In the workplace

In the workplace, too often women feel uncomfortable with men who are professionals with the high profile position.  They become diffident and lacking in the ability to be true to who they are and deliver the knowledge they have.  They become afraid they will make the wrong statement, address the wrong issue, or be judged as being too aggressive.

You will never gain the respect you deserve in your profession if you do not have the ability to be assertive; regardless of who is watching.  This also holds true in relationships outside of the workplace.  Being assertive is not being overbearing.  The balance is knowing when to be assertive and when not to be.

So, what makes a woman most attractive, and what is her plan in any given atmosphere?

  • She is friendly, but knows how to shy away from too much aggressiveness, compliments or pats, here and there.
  • She can express herself and her intelligence without being silly, feeling uncomfortable, and implicating she is in dire need of attention.
  • She doesn’t have to eye anyone to get attention; yet eye contact is essential for confidence. Her presence is noticed because of the confident way she moves around within the crowd.
  • She doesn’t need a prop person, she can mingle on her own without being too obvious or overly friendly.
  • She can talk about subjects that are interesting, informative, and leaves out the off subject criteria that makes her look immature.
  • If she is there to meet someone; she never, ever acknowledges it.
  • She knows how to end a conversation that is getting out of hand.
  • She is not arrogant, but self-controlled.
  • She knows that letting her guard down too quickly, is a sign of desperation, and finally
  • She knows how important it is to be true to one’s self.

This article is written to help you see this side of the story that ‘sometimes’ affects the outcome of women’s relationships; personal and professional.  It is not meant to criticize, represent a professional’s knowledge or cure; it is only to give any woman a confidence level to be exactly who she is.



P. S.  Please tell us your experience; we want to hear it.

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