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For The Men In Your Life – Health Issues

heart - pixabayBeing the bearer of not so good news is not what we like to do here, however; reports tell us that in general women are simply healthier than men are. Men’s health – heart issues compared to women’s indicate that out of the major causes of death, men are ahead of the women with the exception of Alzheimer’s illness. That tells us that men are often negligent at the first signs of illness and taking precautions prior to becoming a serious issue.

A large part of this equation is due to men focusing on other priorities within their life, which is not their health. This should change so that men live longer and the margins narrow between men and women deaths. They have a tendency to ignore signs of disease, or illnesses, thinking it will go away. Often, it does, but come back in a larger form. Web MD states that on the average those men die five years earlier than their wives. Men should take notice and start watching the signs for health issues, and especially heart disease and diabetes.

Women in turn pay more attention to preliminary cautions of pain, or non-conformity of the body and get to the doctor. Men put off going to the doctor’s office very often until after the condition or illness as progressed and more serious.

Understanding The Heart’s Function

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Medical description: the heart is a muscular organ, which has two sections, the left, and the right side. The heart pumps oxygen rich blood on one side, and the other side brings the oxygen poor blood back to the heart after flowing through the body. This keeps the good blood flow from mixing with the oxygen poor blood.

Heart Disease:

The leading cause of death in American, and is medically named; Cardiovascular Disease and should be man’s highest health priority. This is the number one killer for men. Another name often used for this fatal illness is hardening of the arteries or atherosclerosis.

This disease begins often with fatty plaques build up within your arteries. Plaque will thicken and make the artery walls stiffen. This will lessen the blood flow to the other parts of the body.

How This Disease Can Start:

Individuals ignoring their diet, exercise, weight issues and smoking often cause heart disease. Diabetes is also a serious risk factor for heart disease. health diabetes-pixabay

Ignoring what you eat is one important component. Obesity has caused a flux of diabetes (which can lead to heart disease) in America. Some people in general do not watch what they eat, or how much, and their weight gain gets out of control. Limiting calories, eating fewer carbohydrates, and simply eating smaller portions, would be a safe harbor for those with diabetes.

In many studies by different health associations, it is found that walking a minimum of two miles a day is one of the best exercises for overall health issues. The statics do not say these two miles be walked in one session. Therefore, nothing could be easier than to take a stroll around your block, office, or home, several times a day, if not at the track or gem.

Alternative Medicine

One source indicates that even though alternative medicine is what many individuals believe in, it is not proven that these medicines have any effect on health issues. They state that fish oils and vitamin B may rarely be of benefit.

Many primary care physicians swear by the alternative sources such as Co Q-10, which supports heart health, and Vitamin D3, which is said to support teeth, bone, and immune health.

It is always important to search information on anything that you swallow regardless.

Cholesterol Watch

Having at least an annual checkup, six months if there are cholesterol issues is one important asset to living a healthier life. There is good and bad cholesterol within the blood. Cholesterol within your blood is related by how much the liver produces, how much is soaked up into the intestinal tract, and a person’s age. The older one gets usually the higher the cholesterol level is. This is not set in stone, due to younger individuals having high cholesterol.

All foods have labels and give the amount of daily amounts of components within them. A cholesterol percentage is always listed and it is important to watch this source in foods, especially if one has higher than normal cholesterol.

Stress Is Associated With Heart Disease

Stress is a key factor also for heart disease. When people have highly stressed jobs, family issues or other important matters of life, stress becomes elevated.

Learning how to focus on the immediate picture of what is in front of a person, and not the after affects or the possible effects, is a very high component of managing stress. In other words, stop worrying about the things one has not control over.

Taking time for self to relax, chill out, have fun, get your mind off the hard things, and simply take a rest.



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