Mistakes are Life Lessons We Learn From

Lif begins Mistakes are life lessons, and something I could talk about at length.  Why?  Simply because I have had my share of the two, and no I did not always learn what I should have from all of them.  As unfortunate as this sounds, and as much as I hate to admit it; honesty is part of “living within balance,” and a step toward learning that mistakes are life lessons that are to teach us about living with more tranquility.

If we are unable to admit our mistakes, not play the blame game, and face the consequences of our actions;  then we are not living in balance and deny that mistakes are life lessons to help become stronger.

Sometimes the root of the mistakes we make; lies within trusting another human, whom we have learned to love.  These are usually the mistakes that are life lessons which help us to not trust everything we are told, or every person we meet.

Life throws curves; and I know of no method that will keep us from making mistakes.  I hardly think that we would ever make a decision or accomplish anything; if we waited for a clue to know if we are making the right decisions.  There are no perfect solutions to living without mistakes.  It has been quoted that there are no mistakes, only life lessons.  I believe that is true unless we continually make the wrong decisions.

I do believe that we can minimize our mistakes by being more conscious of our decisions:

  • always listen to the soul when making life decisions **it will usually give us a nudge
  • make decisions based upon your own concepts of what is right, not what any other person believes is right
  • a person cannot hold themselves back with fear; there are sometimes you have to take a plunge to know…..if something is possible
  • examine the consequences in your mind; should something not work out; would the consequences be worth it
  • remember there is no way to know if all of our decisions are the right ones; we will make mistakes, we learn and keep growing

Mistakes I Made at Work: 25 Influential Women Reflect on What They Got Out of Getting It Wrong

Three things that usually cause us the most in our mistakes are life lessons:

  •    disobedience to principles
  •    human curiosity
  •    no discipline

Just for todayWhat does Psychology say about human needs?

I Can See Clearly Now  *Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

I had a short stent of studying psychiatric nursing and this helped me to understand human behavior as never before.  All humans are born with the three main basic needs: physical, emotional, and social.

The physical needs are closely related to body function etc. These are thought to be innate needs with which we are born.

The emotional and social needs are sometimes the part of our basic human needs that can motivate our behavior in ways that cause us to make mistakes (life lessons).  Often we are not aware that our behavior is not in line with a balanced and satisfied lifestyle. We only see the difference when it is brought to our attention.  When we are not embracing our emotional needs; we attempt to find satisfaction in other things; sometimes leading us to more problems (mistakes) than we actually bargained for.

Emotional needs are:

  •  a need for love, to be loved, and then to love others
  •  a need to be important to someone and be respected
  •  feel adequate in life, and want to be productive

Long term absence of our emotional needs often contribute to emotional disturbances.

Social needs are closely intertwined with physical and emotional needs, and often cannot be separated.

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer – There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem


I believe that some lesson were meant to be; and are also good for us.  If we use the lesson to improve ourselves; it can’t be all bad.

The satisfaction of basic needs result in a person’s survival, security, and sense of well-being.  Unmet needs produce physical tension and discomfort within an individual which must be relieved so that the individual is propelled toward the goal of satisfaction.

We know that usually when our basic need for love, respect, appreciation, support, and loyalty are met; we are calm, happy, and have a balanced thought process and make fewer mistakes.  We all make them, so don’t let it get you down, just find ways to make sure you are making clearer decisions.



P. S.  Do you think that sometimes mistakes are good for us?   This article explains why not to be so hard on yourself….remember that without some mistakes and life lessons, we would not learn how to treat others with more compassion, as well as learning the importance of being aware of our decisions.

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