Money Save Pixabay 2The most important factor for making money has nothing to do with techniques or expertise. Your money mindset has a bigger influence on your finances than just about anything else does in the world.

This is why someone with no business experience and with less than $10 in his or her pocket can build a multi-million dollar business.  With that said, The Money Mindset-Do You Have it; is about to give you some hints on what a money mindset really is.

Most people realize that money cannot buy everything in life. To name a few of those most important aspects of life, love, happiness, peace, contentment, and joy. It does not matter how large a figure your bank statement has when it comes the concerns of the soul, or spirit, money cannot touch them. Money does bring financial security, but it cannot heal a broken heart or soul.

We know that many people, who have lots of money, are often unhappy creatures. For those responsible people who live and have earned with the right money mindset, know that it is the added convenience of living their life without worrying about paying the mortgage.

How do you develop a positive money mindset?

  1. Money is not real – It is an Expression of Value

If you study the minds of the most successful people in the world, one common understanding of money always comes up: “Money isn’t real.”

Donald Trump, in Art of the Deal, says, “I’ve got more money than I’ll ever need – It’s not about the money. It is about the art. Eventually, we all kick the bucket and none of it matters anyway.”

Felix Dennis, the man who founded Maxim Magazine, PC Magazine and many other successful publications, and is worth over $400 million dollars, is also a strong proponent that money is not real.

The most successful people in the world do not focus on how to make money. Instead, they focus on how they can create value in the world.

What problems can you solve? Whom can you help? How can you create value? Money is just a reflection of how many people you have helped and how many problems you have solved.

  1. Act as If you are Already Successful

“You need to be a millionaire before you can have a million dollars” — T Harv Ecker, Author of The Millionaire Mind.

Before your bank account can reflect your financial success, you need must embody the characteristics of someone who is successful.

On a regular basis, put yourself in the shoes of your future, successful self. How would this person look, feel and think? What advice would your future self-give you?

Every day, try to take on this future version of you more and more. Breathe, as that person would, think, as that person would, hold your body as that person would and do business like that person would.

  1. Failure Is Setback – Your Success Is a Matter of Time

People who do not succeed tend to have the mindset of starting ventures to see “if” they will succeed. Successful people do not wonder if they will succeed; they already know it is just a matter of time.

The question is not “if” but “when.”

Successful people regard any failure as a setback or a lesson worth learning. There is no such thing as an irrecoverable mistake.

Incorporate these three things into your mindset. If you can really embody the creation of value while firmly holding yourself as someone who is already successful and knowing that your success is just a matter of time, then your success will meet you half way.


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