failure-pixabayWe often look back upon our life when we are in a slump, and review our failures instead of our triumphs. If we dwell too long on the times of not being our best self, or our failure to succeed, it will sabotage our future. What to remember in any case, is that failure is part of living, learning, becoming better, stronger, and at best, what not to do again. To be human is to fail, and to learn from our failures is to rise in spite of them.

If you believe in God, you know that He repented that He made man. What does that tell one about the nature of humans? However, there is also redemption for man, therefore our sins and failures can be corrected if we choose.

I do not believe that a person can truly enjoy accomplishments or success if they have never experienced failure or defeat. In fact, it seems that when we fail ourselves, we are less judgmental, critical, and self-absorbed. Most of us learn after a few blunders that failure is actually mandatory to learn.

Often failure is not something we actually did incorrectly. It is just that we have not learned the best way to be, do or accomplish our anticipated results. This is why we have self-improvement, life coaching, and other self-help material. We study, we learn, we put into practice the ultimate benefits of doing something in a different way.

This is related to change. When we fail, it is usually essential that we change. Change our actions, change our thoughts, change our mannerisms, change how we relate to the concepts that helped us fail.

Another thing we must always remember about those failure that could have been prevented; we are responsible for our own actions. Failure is not the sin. The sin is trying to blame these kinds of failures on someone other than oneself. Instead of blaming another individuals; we should ask ourselves some questions. “Why did I do that, or why did I not do this.?”

Flickr- CC License
Flickr- CC License

This is what I have learned when trying to analyze my failures, mistakes, and lesson on life:

  • You can’t undo the past; therefore forgiving yourself will help you carry on.
  • Stop making the same mistakes, and learn to love yourself.
  • There are no set rules for success and failure, only guidance of what has worked for some people.
  • Asking yourself what you could have done differently helps you to stop making the same mistakes or failures again.
  • Very often in life, people will do somethings that is entirely against everything they believe in, and sometimes our of character.
  • There does come a time when you just might not have as many chances to correct your actions, if you keep making the same mistakes and failures over and over again.
  • You are not a bad person just because you fail.
  • It is resourceful to learn and grow from your mistakes, and failures.

One last thought; it is never too late to try to make your life more meaningful, start again, or accomplish something different. It is more resourceful to at least die trying.

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