newborn-216723_640No one can tell you the little secrets of motherhood, like a woman who has already experienced the very life changing event of being a mom.

Even if they tried, it would be almost impractical to listen to someone, other than a physician who was not a mom themselves, give us advice for our new born child.  From the moment a mom holds the beautiful baby in her arms until they no longer can, the excitement and pleasure of being a mom, never goes away.

There is nothing like getting advice from other moms to help guide you through the first days and months of Motherhood. Those who have gone before you have experience to know what worked and what did not work but ultimately, remember that how you do things is up to you and your spouse, not anyone else.

  • Buy some incontinence pads (either disposable or washable) and take every baby bed sheet you have and put it on the bed. Layer the sheets with a pad between each one like a sandwich.  When baby soils the top sheet, you can quickly strip the sheet and pad and everything beneath is still clean and ready to go. This is especially helpful for potty training toddlers. These disposable under pads work great for this use. — Melody
  • Nap when the baby naps. There is nothing wrong with sleeping during the day when you have a new baby. The first few weeks to three months, your ears are like sonar — you will hear the baby, so don’t worry. For your health, you have to find a way to nap when the baby naps because most babies will wake several times each night for feedings. The house and other responsibilities can wait and be done by those who have offered to help you. – Carolynn
  • If you are breastfeeding, have a glass of water with you before sitting down to feed the baby. Once the baby starts feeding, you will suddenly have an urge for a drink of water. — Laura
  • Don’t spend the money on expensive diapers. There are cheaper ones that do the job just as good. Invest in the good wipes though, the Kirkland brand at Costco is great because they are thick and do not have added chemicals. – Stacy
  • Ask for help. Your friends and family want to help you, but you may need to give them some direction on how to help. When they offer, take them up on it by asking them to do the things you need done such as folding laundry, or mopping the floor. Most people just aren’t sure what to do to help, and their first thought is to change the baby or something of that nature, but they are happy to do other things if you direct them to what you need. — Rachel
  • Don’t be afraid to use cloth diapers. They are less expensive by far than disposable and not quite as hard to care for as people think. You can buy cute diaper covers that protect against leaks, and just rinse diapers in the toilet, then toss the soiled diapers into a pail with a water and borax solution to soak until time to wash. Never bleach new diapers or use fabric softener as it affects their absorbency. – Stephanie
  • Unless your relationship with your parents is truly contentious, do not say no to offers of your mom and your mother in law coming to help you. You are going to need the help for as long as you can get it. Schedule your mother first, then your mother in law so that you have help for a longer period of time. — Lynn
  • If possible, get Dad on board to help when he is off work. When daddy gets home from work is a great time for him to hold and bond with the baby while mom showers or has a moment of peace to do something else. – Loretta

When you first have a baby a lot of people will give you advice. Take each thing told to you with a grain of salt, and remember that you have some measure of instinct that will help guide you in what the right thing to do is for you and your family. Trust yourself too.

Never underestimate how important it is to have connections with your friends and family who have been down the road you are now undertaking.  You never know when you might just need someone in a pinch.



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