happy-no-oneIf someone comes into your life with promises of making you happy, take note and know that some things are too good to be true. First, another soul cannot make you happy. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever, no one can promise you happiness that is going to stay forever.

Happiness comes from within you; it is true that others can help your happiness level, inspire you, and coach you on your journey. However, they are limited to making “everything” within your life happy, or peaceful.

The above statement is my theory because I have lived awhile, learned a lot, and made my mistakes within this subject. I have experience the satisfaction of love, or what I thought was love, among many other things. What I found out through some of this “love” stuff, is that very often the person offering us something, did not have a lot to do with love. It was needs of totally a different matter. It did not fulfill my dreams or make me happy forever, and in fact, it made my life less productive.

Before making any long-term commitment in life, know what is making you unhappy, dissatisfied, angry, hurt, nervous, and without contentment. We all have a feeling inside of us when we know that everything is going in the right direction. Let’s say it is our “soul feeling.” That feeling that rises above all others. Often, we become fooled by a simple gesture of kindness, and take it as a true meaning of something that is not real.  It is called think before you leap.

If you are unhappy with your position in life, hooking up with someone for the wrong reasons will only give you less satisfaction. If it is your career, your co-workers, your sister, your parents, your social life, or status in life, taking on another project or person is not going to solve your problem. You are in for a Ferris wheel ride, you may have a hard fall, and be worse than before, and it is not all about you.

Short Fix – or Never Ending

If, of course, you are looking for a short fix, then you may have a point to consider. Love is acceptance. However, when the new wears off and you are not happy for reasons other than no ‘love’ within your life at one specific moment, disappointment is about to flow. Unless, of course, you are more committed to the relationship you have entered, than you are your happiness level.

We humans want to feel glee, excitement, appreciation, loved, and nurtured, and believed in. There is nothing wrong with needing these feeling, however, be sure of your emotions, and your final dreams. If you feel all of the above, something may be up. However, never forget that love is not about someone making you happy. It is far more detailed.

Love is more about making the entire above last when it is truthfully slipping away or gone. It is about healing hurts, forgiving weaknesses, and sometimes starting over every day. It is about knowing that you can always trust that person to support, listen, give you feedback, and tell you when you are wrong without you blowing up. Love is truthful regardless of what one wants to hear.

From experience when we are younger we have a tendency to grab a short fix, instead of looking deep within us to find out what is truly causing our unrest in life. This is why there are so many divorces, and so much of the time children involved.

If you watch the recent tabloids of Brad and Angelina, it is a prime example of what very often causes so much pain to couples, and their children. Let’s identify this example for what it was to begin with. I would call it “lust,” while working on a movie. It was excitement, something new, a boost to ego, a beautiful women, a handsome man. However, where was their substance? My opinion again!

Yes, they were in bliss for a number of years (it seemed), however, if it had been as strong as pretended, would they have ended like so? You see, excitement, elation, or cannot be out of one’s site isn’t true love. They made excuses for their behaviors, and tried to prove their dedication to each other. However, after some years, children; dissatisfaction has hit again. Excitement is gone; and love has turned into something far more troubling. Otherwise, the tabloids would not be talking about what people do when they become bored, lose their commitment, and find other compensations.

Finally, I am not a fan of the tabloids on the good people in entertainment; however, this is a great example.  

As most of this blog states, happiness is a state of peaceful contentment that resides within us. It is the joy of a soul, which is at peace with itself.


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