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Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day is just around the corner so today let us talk about what good parenting skills are. Our questions today, are you a good father and mother. Being a good father entails more than having the same blood running in your veins. Being an excellent mother involves more than giving birth. This is not intended to offend; it is only a reminder that little children need hands on teaching from both parents.

A happy, peaceful, and calm family and home gives a child or children a sense of security and a solid foundation for life and teaches them the importance of family. Stable families will less likely rear children who have social issues when they become grown. Where there is chaos, anger, or manifestation of discord; children become insecure.

All parents want their children to grow up with a sense of self- confidence, and meet their full potential with each phase of their adolescent years. A child’s quality of life will be increased when they have both a mother and father who are hand’s on every step of the way.  This is truly good parenting skills to live by.

Supplying a child’s needs is not all about buying toys, or gifts or the best clothes to wear. In fact, love and continued guidance to perfect their ability to master life, will over shallow any lack of material goods.

Children need to be hugged often with the simple little words of I love you. They need to feel that love of both parents is something that will always be there. While showing love is crucial, they must be taught that being generous, kind, and forgiving is also part of their life.

Having superior intelligent alone is not enough; as they grow older, their need for wisdom is essential. This day and time, it appears that so many young people are lacking in wisdom and judgment. They will try anything to see how it feels, what the after affects are, and if it “works.” No one should want their children to experience the lower life that drugs, nicotine and other narcotics cause.

Parenting is a full time job until they are adults themselves. It appears that some parents are too busy to remember they are rearing a human being that needs guidance to face the many temptations, and the hard things in life.

Dinner with the Family: It is More Important than you Might Think

When was the last time you had dinner with your family? We often skip the meal because we work late. The kids have sporting events, or we get tired from daily activities. Nevertheless, skipping dinner with the family is detrimental to the family dynamic.

Family dinners are more than just a meal. It is about the only time that families have to share time through the week. Whether you sit down to the dinner table or enjoy a meal on tray tables and a movie in the family room, the important thing is that you are together.

There are some interesting facts surrounding family dinnertime. For instance, teens that spend dinnertime eating with their family are less likely to get involved in drugs, alcohol or other illicit activity. This is a point many parents will find interesting. Out of all of the things, you do to try to keep your kids away from bad influences; the one thing that is the greatest influence is still the event that we skip routinely.

Why is dinner so important? For one thing, it is a time to share thoughts and feelings. All day, teachers, friends, and the outside world influence kids. At the dinner table, they get a chance to connect with their parents on tough issues like schoolwork, peer pressure, friendships, and other things. They can each share and help one another with helpful suggestions. Parents can even talk about work or family finances over a meal.

The main point is that conversation is taking place. The average parent talks to their child less than 40 minutes a week. It takes a second to say “Hi” when you come in at night, but that is not effective communication. When the family shares dinner, you spend at least 45 minutes to an hour talking about everything and anything that may be on your mind. Even if you are watching a television program, engaging questions can arise from topics addressed in the program.

Children Wikimedia Young children learn how to communicate with their siblings and parents. They are the center of attention with questions about their day and it makes them feel happy. You know that kids always want to be in the limelight when they are a certain age and this helps them learn to share the spot with others.

For teenage girls, body image is everything. Learning to prepare and eat healthy meals with their families is a sign that eating right will keep their bodies in shape and not avoiding food. Teen girls are less likely to become the victim of an eating disorder but develop a healthy view of food and their bodies when they eat dinner with their families.

There are many benefits to eating dinner with the family. It is a time for meaningful communication that leads to stronger self-images that resist the urge of drugs, alcohol, and other destructive behaviors in your kids and teens.

Even with parents who no longer reside together, a child needs both parents to be actively engaged in parenting to give their children a secure adult life.



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