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Personal Growth and Development is a continuing process which actually should never end for any of us; that is if we want to be all that we can be and more.  Why stop growing and being renewed with new feeling of accomplishments, discovery, and changes for the better?



What are the benefits of personal growth and development:

  • Personal growth and development will help you to know more about who you are, and less about who you aren’t.
  • It can help you appreciate yourself and your values, or
  • It may teach you that you think too much of yourself.
  • You can gain more confidence about your decisions or learn that you procrastination is hurting you.
  • It can show you where you need improvement in your emotional, health, wealth and spiritual self.
  • It can help you deal with anger, self pity, and fear.
  • It can help you have more courage, faith, motivation, perseverance, and determination.

When we look deep within us and learn who we really are; we could find that we have resentment from some of our life experience; pain from lost relationships, and apprehensions that are stifling us to death. Let’s just say; sometimes we are unhappy and are not willing to admit it.  This is a great time to being a personal experience with personal growth and development.

Personal Growth and development can bring about change in one’s life with awareness of certain fears, frustrations and even pain that can bring about anxiety. When we become anxious, we can begin to have physical problems that can harm our life.   We should examine our frame of mine to see why we feel insufficient, or without a true purpose. Yet, often we do not notice these feelings until we stop long enough to know they exist. This is when busy become too busy.

Developing A One Year Personal Growth Plan

This is what I believe for every human:

  • Every human has quality, somewhere within; they may just need some help in finding it, to help it grow.
  • All individuals have potential to be something of value, and excel.  It just might take some a little longer to find their potential.
  • You are only as good as you think you are.
  • No one is better than you.
  • You are a beautiful person who was created to do something important.
  • When you learn to be yourself, work hard for yourself, and stop watching or caring about what other people do or think; you have learned those things do not matter. What matters is what you do that makes your life worthwhile. (Of course it must be ethical and right).  It is something that no one can take away from you.


Personal- I have had a hearing disability since I was 24 years of age.  I do have a hearing aide. It still does not bring in all of the sounds/tone.  One ear is almost deaf.  I have had many times in my life that I received treatment that was not necessarily helpful.  Adults have no patience with another adult who is not perfect.  Something I learned the hard way.

All through the years, here and there I found issues of people who enjoy being critical and had no compassion. I did not ever think about quitting.  Quitting or giving up; was not in my vocabulary; I had to work.   I worked hard, learned everything I could (by the book) within my career of mortgage lending; and do not know of any person who could or has said; that my work was without quality.  I knew my job well.  I worked hard, and I kept working, even with criticism….until it was time to retire.

In fact; I still do contract work here and there.  Fear can take you down, people can drag you down, but if you keep at it long enough; you will win.  Hard work and perseverance will always take you higher.

We hope that you enjoy personal growth and development as we do here.  It doesn’t always have to be something that is problematic; in fact it is all positive when we change something that is holding us back. It may simply be that you need to take better care of you.


Linda Todd

P. S.  Take this journey, the road may not always be clear, but if you do not take it; you will never know!  Personal Growth and Development is for everyone regardless of their status….


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