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Do You Sometime Feel As Though You Are Missing Something But Do Not Know What It is?

Personal Growth and spirituality comes in many forms. For some, being spiritual is substituted with rituals and traditions. For others, being spiritual exists in simply being awake in the present moment, or in specific practices such as prayer, compassion and meditation. Have you added spirituality to your personal growth?

Some deny that we have a spiritual being. We are only a body, and mind.  I, personally do not believe the latter, and I know beyond a doubt that God made me and I have a spiritual self.

Not anyone’s belief should be denied to protect another.  Therefore, I believe that we have a mind, body and soul.  The latter being the spiritual self and that part of ourselves that gives us the nudge that we are doing something that is not good for us.  It will also give us peace in the midst of the storms in life.  A calmness, and a peace about death that nothing else can give.

Professions also believe in Personal Growth and Spirituality:

Having studied and read about personal growth and spiritually while writing about it for a few years now, I have learned that some professionals i.e. psychologist teach and believe the same.  Dr. Peter Shepherd is one who does.  He states that the concept of the spiritual self goes all the way back to Fraud. Personal Transformation: An Executive’s Story of Struggle and Spiritual Awakening

In Dr. Shepherd’s study; he states that when a person begins the “insight project,” i.e. discovering the (inner self) -Higher Self, they learn that man’s nature is inherently spiritual.  Yet, he further indicates that one cannot seek the spiritual things until they can differentiate the temporal from the spiritual.

With this said; life without spirituality is simply without full life.  Why?  Have you even been in a hospital room when someone has passed from the mortal to immortal?  Most of us have, and we have to admit as some point, we have heard the words from loved ones who were in distress; “oh, God, help me.”  Or, oh, whatever their spiritual being is.

I can’t believe that anyone is sufficient enough within themselves to make it through all life things without someone to go to, when there is no one else.  That should not be the way it is, but often the case.  Frequently, we will do everything else in our life right; (we think), and leave our spiritual needs without proper attention. When we take time in our life to be spiritual; we will be more capable of handling those distressful times.  Life things are always better if we have taken the time to find a balance and part of that balance is our spiritual self.

The Road Less Traveled, Timeless Edition: A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth


My mind goes to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  When the Bishop prayed, he never failed to say; “In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.”  I am not Catholic, but I agree with their reverence in giving credit to the Highest Power there is

It is okay if we do not all believe alike, but we should never be guilty of being critical or telling another they cannot voice their belief.  We do not have to listen to it, but we all have the right.

To some it is apparent that while studying Personal Growth and development, we must endeavor to know ourselves.  That means in essence we must study all aspects of ourselves, the nature, character i.e., body, mind and soul therefore, giving us insights to personal growth and spirituality.

Never Stop Exploring.



re: Transforming The Mind, Dr. Peter Shepherd

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