JourneyMost self help coaches will tell you that Personal Growth and Development is a continuing process which actually should never end for us. That is if we want to be all that we can be and more.  Why stop growing and being renewed with new feeling of accomplishments, discovery, and changes for the better?

Often we find ourselves in the middle of something that throws us for a loop; we can’t handle it, and think we cannot survive it. We can, rest assured we women are survivors. These kind of situations are often the life things we did not ask for, and often did nothing to cause.  It could be taking care of family that is ill, or disabled, a child who needs constant attention, and many other things.

With that in mind; everyone should take a breather every now and then from daily activities to renew, review and refresh.  Looking within is the only way to see if there needs to be a change, and how to make those changes. When we look deep within us and learn who we really are; we could find that we have resentment about our duties, pain from a lost relationship, and apprehensions that are stifling us to death. Let’s just say; sometimes we are unhappy and are not willing to admit it.

Personal Growth can bring about change in one’s life with awareness of certain fears, frustrations and even pain that can bring about anxiety. When we become anxious, we can begin to have physical problems that can harm our way of life.   We can examine why we always feel insufficient, or without a true purpose. Yet, often we do not notice these feelings until we stop long enough to know they exist. This is when busy become too busy.

On the other hand; becoming involved with our own personal growth plan, we may learn that we have a certain quality within us we did not know existed.  We may even learn that we have potential, talents and identities that we have never discovered. We may find that we need to change or else. Our true feeling can all a sudden be clear.

Every individual has quality, somewhere within.  I believe that.  It may have been changed to pain, frustrations, fears or inadequacy. Often it is due to the way a person has been treated or abused. It lies within; find it, get help to grow that quality, that potential, that purpose. Start your own personal growth marathon. Know your true self.

Some people fear change, in fact they will not think about trying to change anything. Not the way they dress, the way they withdraw from society, the way they respond to others, and certainly they decline to reform themselves with anything called personal growth.

They complain because they do not have sufficient income, yet their fail to get the education to get a better job, or simply get out and try to find one that offers a more lucrative salary.  They simply like consistency, misery or not and they complain about unhappiness and boredom. They want more things, so they buy them, and wind up in a financial crisis; further contributing to their misery. They find fault with everyone else, and try to put the blame on others for their misery. They refuse to look within themselves.

These are the people who need personal growth the most.  Why is it so hard for some to take a look at their life and see where change might be needed?  I do not know the answer to that; I wish I did.  I have seen it far too often, and sometimes it is a lot more serious than we have mentioned here.

We hope that you enjoy personal growth as we do here.  It doesn’t always have to something that is problematic; in fact it is all positive when we decide to change something is holding us back. It may simply be that you need to take better care of you.


Linda Todd

P. S.  Take this journey, the road may not always be clear, but if you do not take it; you will never know!  Personal Growth is for everyone regardless of their status….


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