Note: This is an article I scripted back when President Obama was in office and was printed elsewhere. I just thought it might be of use for the present day.

If you are American it seems that you would wonder where the UNITY went after the 9/11 tragedy. It was amazing how the American people and politicians came together within a moment’s notice. Yet destroying the beauty of it all, by becoming so distanced when there is no smoke, or fire, death, and no terrorist on the damaging buildings in America?(We know this has changed recently).  You would think that we should have the unity when there is no trouble.

Having visited the World Trade Center some years before 9/11, I saw the beauty of the structure and the magnitude of these two towering buildings. When I look back, not anyone could have convinced me that those who hate America would destroy those buildings.

Today many Americans are too busy to watch what is going on Washington. Young people are busy and do watch much of the new, just bits, and pieces. Some gain respect for those politicians that their friends know about. This means they do not vote according to what they have studied and learned themselves, but what another person has told them.

With the above said, nothing is being resolved in Washington to tackle the debt, the expanding expense of the new healthcare law, or anything else with any resolve. It does not matter if you are a liberal or conservative. For the most part, it is a bunch of chaos and non-productive conversations, which is voiced by each news anchor and channel. One channel desperately trying to outdo the other, whether it is the whole truth or not; it is all related to the party of their choice.

It seems that it does not matter the consequences of any action or decision, in fact the big people in news (I do not have to call their names), do not even talk about much of it. They seem to ignore when hostages are murdered, or when innocent Americans are incarcerated in another country. Most refused to mention that someone in Washington has failed. They do not give us Real Clear Politics.

Why watch a news channel at six in the evening who will not report all the news, the way it goes down, only what the President of America and his party want to hear? Someone has forgotten that we are all Americans. How would anyone know that by watching a little on each channel?

When the commentators are done, it is up to the individuals who are listening, their personal preferences, or affiliation of liberal or conservative to make their own conscious decision regarding who is right. Usually, most channels are very liberal and it does not matter what is going on in our Nation, it is all about the party. No name-calling, just facts, and the Real Clear Politics are missing.

Core Republican Values

Excerpts taken from a downloadable PDF file @

  • Republicans believe in lower taxes for all businesses, and individuals. The believe that all Americans should have individual liberty and equality of all humans regardless of sex, range, age, religion, creed, disability, or national origin.
  • Freedom of Speech and of the Press. Smaller Government- limited government in the lives of individuals with the state more active in regulations. Power closer to the people.
  • Fiscal Conservatism- with limited taxation and government spending is a priority with the Republican Party to include audits and performance studies. Republican also encourages the growth of business.
  • Sanctity of Human Life with belief of God and County, and
  • Protecting Traditional Marriage, the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and Religious Liberties.

The conservatives were stuck in the past, as they did not have the majority in the Senate, now they do, is anything new? Mr. Reid still knows best. On the other hand, does he, and according to Mr. Obama, yes. No one can compromise, conservative or liberal.

Did You Know? With 114 Congresses, the Republicans have been the majority 59 times. This goes back to 1789 with a 1% +- margin of error, Democrats with 55 leading Congress. Includes early party called Federalist, and Pro-Administration. RE:

Conservatives have a name for being all about the rich. Some liberals are the richer. It does not matter who is rich, it matter how they govern. As Mr. Romney stated, his father worked hard and made his money, nothing was a gift.

What matters most is who is fighting to keep America as it was, (that will not happen, as that day is gone). America will have to become a ‘new’ normal, whatever that is.

When thinking about conservative values, one would consider morals, being responsible for your own life, doing what is right even in the face of opposition.

Democrat or Liberal Core Values

When you read the Democrat Core Values, it sounds like they are the party that abides by the Constitution of the United States without question. We know that is not true. It starts like this:

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

  • The explanation for ‘Life’ is; Americans have the right to live without the fear of injury or being killed by others. We believe everyone has the ‘right’ to live.” (We will not mention what it does not say about little babies that have the right to live).
  • Pursuit of Happiness
  • “In our country everyone has the right to pursue happiness in their own way as long as they do not violate the rights of others.”
  • The Common Good-The common good is working together for the greater benefit of everyone. No comment needed.
  • Justice-The concept of justice is the concept of ‘fairness.’
  • Equality- Every individual has the right to be treated the same, regardless who they are. This is one certain truth.

Liberals have the idea that every individual should be on welfare, promote any activity that they choose and go with the flow of whatever can be gotten away with. Most, that is.  They desire their liberty, but refuse to allow everyone else theirs. How balanced is that?

Some things are out of order!

If the President of the United States is adamant about making it all about his or her party, he/she is not the President of the entire country.

  • All Americans should be respected and considered in all decisions. At the present, it appears to be the poor is considered above anyone else. We respect that the poor and those who are ill must be taken care of. However, it is known fact that in Southern States, many people have disability income due to the lack of proper representation of the process. Those who have worked paid in Social Security should be list as a top priority also.
  • The President has an obligation to honor the poor, the middle class, and the rich. Balance should be the goal in any origination.
  • Obviously, his advisors do not want him to go down in history as being the president who brought America together. He has not and it seems he does not want to. It is written that he feels that America has been in charge way too long.
  • He fails to call incompetence as what it is and does not believe those who are should be punished. Any government leader who has failed to perform their duties without integrity and for the benefit of all American should be disciplined in the manner of a normal individual.
  • It also appears that he does not know how to take responsibility for his own actions, mistakes, and decisions. He seems to think that he does not make mistakes, is above the Constitution.
  • The President of the United States should respect the opposite party and be presidential. When he jokes about the conservatives and uses the blame game; it sounds so immature and looks worse than high school.
  • He fails to step up to the plate when it comes to doing what is truly right, and brags about his pen and phone. If a liberal takes the lead in a fraud accusation to hurt other Americans, he turns his head and refuses to find the underlying cause of it and the truth. Could it be that he knows all about who did what and why.
  • Why are we in debt that cannot be repaid, and he is still trying to give our hard earned money away? We live in a world of opportunity. The government is taking away the individual’s decision to try to better themselves through hard work and study. They are offered something for nothing instead. Why would anyone turn it down?
  • My theory is that if The President wants to give away money all the time; he should write them a check from his personal wealth, and that goes for the others who back him up and criticize everyone who does not agree with their policies.
So well said.

From where I sit, the whole world of real clear politics is lacking for leadership. They complain and fuss about the other party, but come to no conclusions that demonstrate unity and positive decisions for all Americans.

No, not all Americans are born with the same opportunity or potential. Some rural areas of the country do not have jobs, schools/colleges that are near, and quality in education is lacking. Resources are lacking in smaller towns, or near nothing. The drive to become ‘more;’ is not taught or encouraged. Many issues exist due to demographics, locality, and lack of education or accountability.

With that said, when an individual has a good mind, it is a terrible thing to waste. That is something the government should be dwelling on.

God Bless America

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