Real Life Is Like Baking A Cake

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Real life is kind of like baking a cake, one must make sure they have buttered and floured the pan. If you do not flour the pan with the right amount of flour over the oil, the cake can fall apart into several pieces, or in half.

Most of us know the feeling we suddenly have when we forgot to flour the pan. Real life with a quality of life also means there is preparation, and thought that will lead to a life worth living.



Sometimes we feel we cannot put ourselves back together....
Sometimes we feel we cannot put ourselves back together…

Life can fall apart like the cake, and often does. We feel broken and afraid.  Sometimes what we did or did not do, had nothing to do with it. Often it does, and we wish we had taken more thought and preparation.

It is too late for the cake, once the pan is tilted to transfer it to the wax paper or cake plate. It is a part of the necessary preparation that can’t be ignored.

With our life, it is never too late until the end of our life.  I am a firm believer that everyone can pick up the pieces and begin again. You can smile again, believe again, and live again.  You can make more effort to groom your life with positives, good solutions, and sound decisions.

Some Life Thoughts
For all practical purposes one’s life must be prepared in the same concepts of the cake. For your life to be desirable, and a life of quality, you must live in reality, take life seriously and live with great balance and harmony.

The reality is that life is not something you can play with, or take for granted, keeping it in harmony with the balance of mind, body and soul, and the laws of human existence are essential to living life a life of quality.

When a person gets out of balance, it is then that major problems arise. If you have ever watched someone destroy their life by not playing by the rules, then you understand this concept.

All humans should begin to weigh their decisions in life early, and try to plan a future that is grounded in making the right choices, listening to the heart and following what is known as right. If you are not living your life consciously; it can fall apart simply because you were not wise enough to pay attention.

The quality of life is a personal responsibility. No one can make decisions for you or will they suffer the consequences of your mistakes. A person can argue that they do not learn without mistakes. True, but a lot of individuals have more mistakes than triumphs because they were not paying adequate attention.

Some ideas that would certainly help lead you in living a real life of quality:

  • Start with observation of how you are living your life, are you living your life hazardously? Have you considered a life lived with purpose? Are you just making do? Do you sincerely want a real life worthwhile?
  • When the heart says not to do something, take the advice and be strong enough to stand alone if necessary.
  • Positive speech, and mind thought will bring good results. Negative mind thoughts and speech will bring negative results.
  • Reality is that you do not always get what you want. But, if you make wrong decisions you will get what you do not want.
  • Reality is also that you will make many mistakes as you are human, but if you have not learned anything and keep making the same mistakes, you might be considered; unteachable.
  • Letting your conscious be your guide is as simply as: if it is half way wrong, it is all the way wrong, pay close attention.
  • Your choices make up your life lessons. No one else can be blamed, not parents, not your spouse, not your friend, not anyone but the individual.
  • Thinking things through is simply applying this: morally right, no one disadvantaged, financially, mentally and physically possible.
  • Acceptance that not any two people’s lives are alike. You become who you are by your decisions, preparation, wisdom and living. It is up to the individual to prepare themselves for a future that is successful and bright, not one soul gets there by chance.

How Good Do You Want To Be?

Vision, optimism, awareness, emotional intelligence, focus, and integrity are all a part of living with quality.

Life 1

Just as the above factors play a part in the real life that is lived to the fullest, these are factors which can lead a person in the opposite direction:

  • Thinking about self only
  • Worry *especially the small stuff that does not matter
  • Dependence on others
  • Insufficient self-esteem, remember you are a miracle, you have value. Find it, ameliorate it.
  • Trying to be someone you are not or like your friend, neighbor or sibling will make you falter. You are you, and your life means something.
  • Taking little time for mediation, prayer or self-cleansing.
  • Not knowing what happiness really is about, and knowing it is not about wealth or fame.
  • Not knowing what really matters in life. It does not matter if you do not have everything that everyone else does, what matters most is who you are on the inside, and if you are striving to be all you can be.
  • Not being able to take one day at a time. Not anyone can live tomorrow because it actually never comes; right? Today is the day you have to make it the best day yet.

Wanting more of everything, instead of being thankful for what one has deserves its own paragraph. Believe it or not, sometimes the more ‘things’ a person has the more they want.  This enhances the need to broaden your collection of things, while finding less happiness and fulfillment. Simply because living life with quality and happiness has nothing to do with material things, or real life.





P.S. This article could be broken down even further into things that people get involved in that hinder the quality of life. Those things can be habits that break you down such as alcohol, drugs, smoking, and wanting to be the life of the party (too frequently). They can even mean being mean spirited, expecting too much of others and taking your frustrations out on someone who have nothing to do with what is wrong.


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