Rules For Content

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The purpose of our website it to create a place for women to share the beauty, and the good in all women, their knowledge, their experiences, and their soul. This includes stories in the work place/careers, their family, faith, home, and their lifestyle. We are here to promote women, and men (if applicable) to grow in all areas of their life, and see their own worth. We want their success to reach higher heights and live a happier lifestyle, if they are not already, while becoming everything they are meant to be.

We can all learn something from another individual who has a different insight into life. Someone who has experience a difficulty, a triumph, a great love, a passion, a high powered career, a family crisis, or a child born with a health issue. There is so much to give and receive, while we all strive to be “something more.”

We are now allowing guest post, and the guidelines to follow are simple. We all know what the red light means, the caution, and the go-green.

  • You must be registered, and approved as a member to post.
  • Post about subjects listed on the front page, giving us something of value while never submitting inappropriate language, or material that is not eligible for all ages.
  • We will not allow comments that are negative, degrading, or abusive.
  • We will allow different opinions, thoughts and help with something that is inaccurate, however it must be done in a professional manner.
  • We do want you to post articles that are going to be informative, sincere, and are of quality.
  • We do want you to be able to attract attention here for your message. We are not selfish, however we do have rules that must be applied re: the search engines.
  • We do ask that you promote others as you will want others to promote you.
  • If you do not know, ask!!!

Finally, help us make The Woman’s Post the place to come to gain self-sufficiency in all thing pertaining to a life of balance. No one knows this any better than “you.”